Our Groundbreaking Story

Glik's Groundbreaking Event

OUR HOME OFFICE IS MOVING, & we’re taking our distribution and fulfillment center along for the ride!!! Glik’s HQ has happily lived in Granite City, Illinois for the past 50+ years, and we are thankful for the friendships and for all the support we’ve received in Madison County through the years. However, we are ready to reach towards something new because we’ve outgrown our current office space! In 2021 we will be moving to Collinsville, Illinois where we are building our new Corporate Offices, Distribution and Fulfillment Center with Korte Construction. On March 4th, 2020 we had our groundbreaking event as the first official announcement of our big move. We celebrated this historic event for our Company with friends, family, co-workers, and new partners from the City of Collinsville that were happy to welcome us into their community. Here’s everything you need to know about our big day:

 Groundbreaking Breakfast

The day started at Porters with a delicious brunch. Everyone got to mingle and talk about the big day and get acquainted with each other before heading to the new location on ABC Parkway. We also had a photo booth that commemorated our event and everyone took their chance to take a quick picture with their friends and coworkers!

Glik's Groundbreaking Photo Booth

We kicked off our Groundbreaking with heart-warming speeches from Jeff and Jim Glik about where the company has come from and where it's is headed in these next few years. They said everything better than we ever could! So, we shared the highlights of their speeches below so you could experience their true sentiments towards this big move: 

Jeff Glik's Speech

Jim's Speech

Todd Korte choreographed the first dig for our groundbreaking and made sure the first experience of our move was absolutely perfect! With gold shovels and construction hats, this moment was so special. Each of the Glik’s associates that was present and our new Collinsville community members lined up to grab a shovel and get a head start on the construction process for our new building.

Dig! Smile! Now, throw that dirt!

Glik's Groundbreaking in Collinsville

Last but not least, “We have one last tradition!” Jeff Glik said as he brought out a ribbon of one hundred and twenty-three single dollar bills. This ribbon represents our 122 years of business with one year to grow on. This ceremonial gift for the Chamber of Commerce is a staple in the Glik’s Company culture to signify their connection with each local community that they join into with a store, or in this case our corporate office. Jeff said, “let’s let the fifth Generation make this cut,” as Elliot Glik took the scissors and cut the ribbon for our big move! As a whole, we are extremely excited about this move and we had such an amazing day celebrating our future together with friends, family, and our new community partners in Collinsville.

Elliot Glik at the Groundbreaking Event in Collinsville Illinois

Check out the rest of our pictures from our big day below. For more updates about our move and daily fashion inspiration, make sure to follow us on Instagram and you can click here to find the closest Glik’s store to you so you can see what we’re all about in person!

Glik's Groundbreaking Polaroids

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