O’Neill Pabst Blue Ribbon Clothing: Limited Edition

PBR MerchandiseWith summer fast approaching, we need to gear up for the barbeques and get-togethers with our friends and families. For the guys, O’Neill has paired up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to create limited edition merchandise. This Pabst Blue Ribbon merchandise features t-shirts, boardshorts, and a beach towel that will no longer be available after supplies run out!

O'Neill Pabst Blue Ribbon Board Shorts

PBR Board ShortsThe O’Neill Pabst Blue Ribbon men’s boardshorts come in two different designs. One features the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo on a white background. The other boardshort features PBR cans floating in what appears to be very refreshing pool water. Both are great to wear to your summer events.

PBR t-shirtsIf you want something to go perfectly with the O’Neill boardshorts, we have the coordinating Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirts. The t-shirts feature a picture of a large bottle cap with the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo across the bottle cap. This tee comes in two different colors, making it easier to match either color of the men’s boardshorts.

O'Neill Pabst Blue Ribbon MerchandiseIf you have spent all day in the water, you will appreciate this O’Neill Pabst Blue Ribbon beach towel. Matching both the boardshorts and the t-shirts, this beach towel also has the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo along with the Pabst Blue Ribbon colors of red, white, and blue.

PBR beach towel and accessoriesOf course you also need to accessorize! You might be sporting all this Pabst Blue Ribbon clothing, but where will you put all of your Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? In a Beeracuda of course! The Beeracuda, created by Burton, can hold cans of beer while keeping them cool.  You can easily carry the Beeracuda over your shoulder with the adjustable strap and have a beer within your reach with the built in can coolie. Also, while you are having fun in the sun, remember to wear your sunglasses!

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