New Year, New You, New Wardrobe

Trends you Need in your Closet for 203

Fashion is all about embracing change. With the 2023 upon us, there are trends from 2022 and previous years that aren’t making an impact anymore. But with fashion always changing, it is difficult to keep up with what is and is not trending. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been a huge helping hand in deciding what we don’t and do need in our closet. For the new year, there is nothing better than a new wardrobe. It’s just like the saying goes “New Year, New Wardrobe”. But with all the trends on the rise, it is hard to decide which ones will best fit your personality. Here are some of the top trends that will continue to make an impact and you should have in your closet for 2023!

Trends you Need in your Closet for 2023 - Hot Pink

In the summer of 2022, we saw pink become the must have color of the summer. And the trend does not plan on slowing down; especially with the Barbie movie coming to theaters. Hot pink has led the way for other bright colors to become a huge fashion trend for the spring and summer months. Everyone is searching and wanting anything in pink; from tops to dresses to accessories. Thanks to the Valentino Fall/Winter ’22 runway, hot pink took over the place of soft lavender for color of the year. Pink isn’t the only bright color to make a splash this year. Bright purples and greens are also on the rise; however, hot pink remains the must have color for your closet.

Trends you Need in your Closet for 2023 - Fringe & Feathers

We’re transporting back to the good times of the 1920s or famously known as the Roaring 20s! There is nothing more fun than fringe and feathers. Since the start of 2020, there was a feeling that the1920s trends of fringe and feathers would be huge. These trends have become huge fashion statements with celebrities like Harry Styles and the Kardashian/Jenner family. People used to only consider feathers and fringe as accessories, either as jewelry or hair accessories. Now, feathers and fringe are one of the biggest fashion trends going into 2023. You can find feathers and fringe on everyday pieces of clothing like the leg openings of jeans or the hem of dresses and skirts. Regardless, it will bring an uplifted look to your wardrobe.

Trends you Need in your Closet for 2023 - Basics & Neutrals

In contrast to bright colors, people are keeping it simple by wearing neutral colors and making a basic white tank top a fashion statement. Neutrals have gone from being a fall must to year-round options. Basics and neutrals are something everyone already has in their closet, but today these basics are being elevated. Whether that is adding a blazer, chunky boots, or bold accessories, basic neutral looks can be fashionable. Beiges, greys, and whites are huge players in neutral fashion as they are mute colors to wear, especially in the spring/summer seasons. There are never enough basics or neutrals in your closet, and with neutrals becoming a more chic style, it’s never too late for more neutrals to find their way into your closet.

With all these trends, the most important thing to remember about fashion is the wear everything with confidence. Confidence makes or breaks your outfit. If you don’t feel good in it, you feel like you don’t look good in it. Wear things that make your personality shine and shows who you are. Step out of your comfort zone or play it safe; regardless confidence is and always will be key. The current and upcoming trends can be found anywhere and everywhere. Check your local Glik’s or to see if we carry your favorite trends.

Happy New Year🎉

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