New to the Buying Team: Victoria!

Hello! We wanted to introduce you all to one of the newest members of our Home Office family, Victoria Johnston. Victoria is from Glen Carbon, IL which is super close to our HQ. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design & Marketing, which is perfect for her buying position! She is currently the Senior Assistant Buyer for Women’s Bottoms, Women’s Outerwear, Women’s Athletic, and State Specific Merchandise. One of her most current responsibilities that she has been tasked with is creating and designing custom state shirts for some of our major store locations.  She is super excited for this opportunity as she will be able to see her designs come to life from start to finish.

Since she is one of our fashion buyers after-all, of course we had to ask her a little bit about her own fashion sense! She would generally describe her style as comfy, casual, and a little preppy. Currently, she is surprisingly loving the Leopard Print trend! She’s a huge fan of solids (especially white!), but the leopard gives just the pop of color/print to her wardrobe that she needs to complete any day-to-day looks.  On the flip side, something that she just can’t seem to get into is the Bucket Hat trend.. they just don’t mesh with her style! We also asked her to give us her insight on what she thinks the next big trend in fashion will be. Victoria said that she expects Fall/Winter 2020 to focus on textured tailored jackets paired with jeans & dresses. Tailored jackets were all over the runway this year and we couldn’t be more on board with her projection!

New to the Buying Team: Victoria!

We asked Victoria a handful of questions in order to get to know her a little better, and hoped that you would get to know a bit about her as well!

Favorite Color: Blue 💙

Favorite Food/Meal: Grapes 🍇

Morning or Night Person: Morning Person!

What is your most used emoji?: Crying with Laughter Emoji! 😂😂😂

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your phone, which ones would you keep?: Messages, My Camera, & Instagram (great picks)

Any Pets? If so, what kind & what are their names?: I have a German Shepard Lab mix name Samantha (Sammy for short)! She is 19 years old & has the personality of a pup!

New to the Buying Team: Victoria!

Tell us three things you can’t live without: My dog, the Sunshine, & the Pool!

Dream Travel Destination: Iceland! ..or Atlantis. I love the warm weather, but I really want to see the Northern Lights & go to a Hot Spring.

If you had to be an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?: Cookie Dough, because it’s pleasing to most & has just the right amount of vanilla ice cream to chocolate pieces in it! 🍦

If there were 25 hours in a day, how would you use your extra time?: I would spend more time outside hiking, at the pool, or watching sports!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: If I didn’t go into Fashion I would want to be a geologist. I love rocks, rock formations, and studying the Earth!

What’s your favorite place in or around the STL area & why?: My favorite place is the STL Zoo. It’s fun, free, and has great views of all the animals. It’s a perfect way to spend a summer day. (If you’re in the area, we highly recommend checking out the St. Louis Zoo!)

New to the Buying Team: Victoria!

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Victoria a little bit better by reading this blog and we can't wait to watch her grow as part of our team at HQ! 🖤

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