New to the Buying Team: Lisa!

 New to the Buying Team: Lisa!

We've had the pleasure of introducing you to so many of our new buyers through this blog, and we're just getting started! Lisa Rowan is one of the newest additions to our Buying Team and we were so excited to share her interview with you! She is fun and bright and such a big part of our team. ❤ She came to us from her hometown of Zeeland, MI which is only 20min from Lake Michigan. She graduated from Hope College with a Business Management Major and a Political Science Minor. 🎓📚 She also used to work in our Holland Men's Store for 4.5 years!

Lisa Rowan Blog

Here at Home Office, Lisa is known as the Assistant Buyer for Women's Preppy Fashion, Girl's & Kids, & Crossover. She is the reason why we have such cute styles coming in from Simply Southern, Nature Backs, Ivory Ella, Poof, Hayden, and the list goes on from there! After having the in-store experience, she now loves getting to see the whole story of how a product gets from point a, to point b, to point c, and then eventually to a customer who will buy it. Her mom found a product that she bought on our website without knowing Lisa had been the one to acquire that item for our store! Such a cool story on how she’s been able to experience the full cycle of retail first hand. We are so happy to have her and we can't wait to see what amazing future buys she will make for our company. 

Lisa rowan blog

Here's a little more about Lisa!

Astrology Sign: She is a Gemini

Your favorite piece of clothing that you own: Grey studded mules from Steve Madden. They go with everything!

Favorite Color: Either black or light pink!

Favorite Food/Meal: Her top favorite has always been a margherita pizza!! (We told her she should try Mod Pizza for a local slice of her favorite dish!)

Coffee? Tea? Water? Or Something else?: Definitely coffee & her favorite kind is a vanilla latte!

Morning or Night Person: Both! Which makes sense as to why she loves coffee so much.

Lisa Rowan Blog

What is your most used emoji?: The crying laughing emoji 😂

What are your favorite apps?: Instagram, Snapchat, & her Camera app

Any Pets? If so, what kind & what are their names?: None, but she wants to buy a dog really badly!

What is your favorite nostalgic movie/tv show?: Friends! Her favorite characters are Rachel & Monica.

Dream Travel Destination: Next stop on her list is Greece. Lisa has a goal to travel to every European country and so far she’s already seen England, France, Austria, Slovakia, & Hungary! She studied abroad in London & Austria which really sparked her fire for this traveling dream!  ✈ 

If you had unlimited vacation, what would you do with your extra time?: Visit the rest of the countries in Europe!

Lisa Rowan Blog

If you had to be an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?: An MnM McFlurry made with Chocolate ice cream because it’s her fave.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: She has played the violin since she was 10 years old. 🎻

What’s your favorite place in or around the STL area & why?: Forest Park for running, but CWE for all the different businesses & restaurants to try! Feels like a small town in the big city.



We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Lisa as much as we did!! 😊 She already brings so much joy to our team, and we can't wait to see what she'll buy next! 

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