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2021 is finally here! We have new fashion trends coming your way, new brands, new stores, and today we want to introduce you to one of the newest members of our buying team! Kyle Einheuser joined our team in the fall of 2020, and jumped right into helping us step up our men's shoe selection. After that warm-up, he also took on the responsibility of buying fashion for our Mature Men's department. Since then he's been adding great pieces to our overall collection. 🤩 We've been so excited to see brands like Stance, Carhartt and Hey Dude Shoes absolutely take-off this past season thanks to his direction, and we can't wait to see what he'll add to our Men's department next! 

Kyle Einheuser Blog

Kyle had a passion for fashion way before he worked for us, and we actually met him through his previous job! Kyle was an account executive with Ked's and a field marketing representative with Adidas. He sold some amazing styles from these brands to our shoe buyers Mary and Danielle before coming here. Also, he has worked for SPINS in Chicago, which is a data driven platform to assist with buying, merchandising and marketing decisions. With all of this prior experience, he's been able to bring other retailer's marketing & e-commerce strategies that he's seen into his work here, and it shows!

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Kyle grew up in Brighton, MI and describes it as "nothing special." However, we think this background, and his time at Grand Valley State University earning his Sales & Marketing Business Degree, provides him with a complete understanding of the Midwestern, fashionable man he's buying for. He told us that he wanted to be a buyer because he loved learning the other side of retail in his previous positions, and wanted to be well-rounded on the fashion industry as a whole. He enjoys seeing his buys show up in our stores and "being in front of the curve" when it comes to fashion trends and new brands!

Kyle E Blog

Here's few more questions we asked Kyle during his interview: 

Morning or Night Person: Morning person & likes to wake up at 5am every day! ☀

Favorite Food: A Portillo’s Chicago Hot Dog. (Lots of pickles & mustard please!) 🌭

Hobbies: Enjoys learning how to code with Python & playing video games in his spare time.

Favorite movie/TV Show: Good Will Hunting & Sherlock

Favorite Song/Artist: Bryce Vine 🎶

Favorite Holiday and why: Labor Day Weekend because lots of his family comes out (see the photo above!)

Favorite Local Place: Forest Park. Lives nearby and enjoys hanging out here a lot.

Dream Travel Destination: Liverpool, England. His favorite soccer team is there and he used to go watch their games as a kid.

Three Things He Can’t Live Without: Internet, a good pen, & coffee (Specifically Zombie Coffee) ☕

Favorite Fashion Trend Currently: Loves 90’s retro & a little bit of grunge. Baggy clothes = YES!

Least Favorite Fashion Trend Lately: Quick Hitting brands/Instagram Brands

What do you think will be the new big thing in fashion? 3D Printed Clothing 👀 (Such a cool idea!!)

How Would You Describe Your Style/Are you influenced by anyone’s style: Ronnie Fieg and his brand “Kith.” Super comfortable and stylish!

If you could be any kind of ice cream, what would you be: Cookies n’ Cream

Share a fun fact: He used to live in England! 



We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Kyle through this little blog and we're excited to see how he will grow our men's business!! 😊

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