New to the Buying Team: Elliot!

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Elliot is one of our newest H.O. members, and he is also the first of the fifth generation of the Glik family to start working for the company. We are so excited to give you the 411 on what he will be up to at Glik’s as a buyer! Here’s a little bit of background: Elliot grew-up in St. Louis, MO and for those of you locals who are dying to know, he went to Clayton High School, and then he graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelors Degree in Apparel and Merchandising as well as a Minor in Business. At Glik’s he is starting up as a Young Men’s Buyer for Young Men’s Fashion and Boys 8-20. We were curious, so we’re sure you were too - How does Elliot Glik feel about stepping into the family business??

Glik's Family Business

First, Elliot told us that he always knew that he wanted to be a fashion buyer. After witnessing this career first-hand by traveling alongside his father and uncle for many fashion buys in the past, he has long-awaited his time when he could step into this kind of career. As far as Glik's is concerned, he is very excited to live out his dream career as well as figure out some other aspects of the family business that interest him in the future. He says that this transition has been fun and exciting and that it is a great experience to not only meet a whole new team of people, but also get to work alongside some family role models. Also, since he has grown up in the STL area, Elliot already knew some of the Home Office folk for quite some time, so part of this transition felt a bit like a welcoming, extended family reunion. Elliot is excited to see what he can bring to the table for Young Men’s and Boys’ fashion since he is familiar with the trends and way of how the men’s fashion world works in general thanks to his experience with his previous employment with JAX Outdoor Gear, eBags and TUMI.

Elliot Glik & dog

Ok, so now you know what he is going to be doing at Glik’s, but what about his free time you might ask? Well, Elliot is a proud dog dad to a 4-year-old black lab named Tito. (pictured above) He loves spending time outdoors enjoying nature-related activities such as skiing, fishing, and hunting. (He did also mention that one of his hobbies is Instagram so when he’s not outside he’s just scrolling away!!) In order to capture the best outdoors experience, Elliot likes to take the time to travel to Colorado to enjoy some of his favorite spots and visit family and friends that still live out there. 

Elliot Glik Family

Here's a little more about Elliot: 

Favorite TV Shows: Succession, & Entourage

Favorite music: G-Eazy, Saint Jhn, & Dermot Kennedy. He generally likes Rap, Hip Hop & Country

Favorite dessert: Crème brûlée (Doesn't usually eat dessert, but if a restaurant has it he has to get it!!)

Favorite time of year and why: Christmas/New Years. Elliot likes to give gifts, and that time of year just feels good. The weather is cold, cold. Christmas lights make everything look nice, and it's a good time for business. Busy time, so you're never bored!

Favorite places in STL: OB. Clark's (Good place to watch Blues games) Central West End, & The Grove

Favorite food: Enjoys cooking his own food when he can, but unfortunately he hates grocery shopping! (what a mood) Also, pizza. Can't go wrong there!

3 things you can’t live without: Family, his dog, & Instagram

Morning or night person: Night, but would like to be a morning person. Can't seem to figure out how to enjoy the process of getting up early in the morning.

Thoughts about the Home Office move to Collinsville: Thinks it will be amazing for Glik's as a whole! Hopes it will improve office morale, & our sense of community. He's helping out with making sure our office space will be top notch.

Dream travel destinations: Thailand, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, & Bali.

Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done: Going to Thailand alone with no plans. 😳 He booked his flight there, and his flight home. Left the rest of his trip up to fate! (He did have a rough idea of where he wanted to go but STILL! Super adventurous we'd say!) During his visit, Elliot enjoyed going to visit local temples, speaking with monks, & getting to hang out with some cool Elephants.

Elliot Glik in Thailand

Fashion Icon/Inspiration: Elliot says that he looks to Instagram for his day-to-day style inspiration. 

Favorite fashion trend: Athleisure! Loves getting to look good and be comfortable at the same time ✌🏻

Least favorite fashion trend: Flared pants. Bell-bottomed jeans and bootcut jeans specifically.

Describe your personal style: A Little bit of everything. Depending on where he's at his style can be described as preppy, casual, athleisure, surf, skate, or outdoorsy.

Favorite item in your closet right now: Vuori joggers in heather grey (so comfy!)

How was your trip to Magic, and was it your first trade show: First time actually as a buyer. Different when you’re there making the decisions, but it was a great show! Now he has a ton of work to do with all of the trendy pieces he ordered.


We hope that you had just as much fun getting to know Elliot as we did! Welcome to Home Office! We're excited to see all of your dreams come true at Glik's. ✨

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