New to the Buying Team: Diana!

New to the buying team: Diana Blog

We are so excited to introduce you to one of our newest buyers, Diana Mejia-Lugo! 🙂 She is responsible for buying a lot of our Junior's tops & dresses and cute shackets that you've been seeing in our stores. Getting to know her has been absolutely wonderful, and we hope that you'll also enjoy meeting her through this little blog. 

 Meet our new buyer Diana

Coming from her hometown in Battle Creek, Michigan, (which she said smells like cereal due to their local Kellogg Cereal Factory) Diana is bringing a fresh set of eyes to our Junior's Department! She graduated from Central Michigan University with a Major in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Fashion Design and another minor in Professional Sales. 👀 Talk about a busy student!! She's also spent some time working for TJ Maxx as well as interning with our Saugatuck Glik's store. After having a taste of the brick and mortar side of retail, Diana was excited to step into her buying position and get to know the business side of things! 

 Diana's Favorite Shacket

The brands that Diana focuses on currently (that we know you already love!) are Acoa Clothing, La Miel, American Bazi, and many, many more. Our junior's business is always bringing in tons of new pieces, and she has 65 stores as well as a growing website to keep stocked in best-selling styles! This pink and grey La Miel shacket was one of her favorite buys since she's joined our team, and we're also just as obsessed with it!! 😍 During our interview, Diana let us know that her favorite part about her job is getting to decide what styles are going to be sold in our stores. She also loves watching to see what our customers end up purchasing to add to their closet collections. We asked her what she thought the next big thing in fashion would be, and she's seeing lots of mixed fabrics and prints in our future!! Can't wait to see all the amazing things she has in store for us this Spring and Summer!!  


Here's a little more about Diana:

What is your favorite food?: Chinese Food. (Lo Mein Stir Fry 😋)

Favorite restaurant: A hole-in-the-wall place from back home called Old China Buffet

Do you have any hobbies?: Going to the gym

What's something that every girl should have in their closet?: A black pair of leggings!! 

Favorite TV Show: Girlfriends 

What is your favorite holiday & why?: Christmas because she gets to see her family, and it's just a cozy time of year. 

Meet our newest buyer, Diana

What is your dream travel destination?: Bora Bora! 🏝

If you were stuck on an island and you could only bring two items, what would you bring?: Her lip mask by Laneige and her coffee machine

Any fashion trends we should look out for/try out soon?: Tying up the ankles of pants with heels. Looks so chic! 

What do you think your spirit animal would be?: A baby duck or little chick.

What print/fabric is your favorite?: Lightly ripped/distressed fabric specifically on shirts and tops

How would you describe your style?: "Layered basics"

What is your least favorite color to wear?: Light nude/pink

What are your favorite colors?: Grey & yellow! 💛

Share a fun fact about yourself: She has a really big family because her Grandma had 11 children! Diana just has two siblings (pictured above!)

 Meet our new buyer Diana

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Diana a little bit better through this blog. So thankful that she's a part of our junior's fashion team, and we can't wait to see what she'll buy next! 🖤


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