New to the Buying Team: Anna!

Meet Anna Cerimele Blog!

We are so excited to introduce you to Anna Cerimele, our newest Assistant Accessory Buyer at Glik’s! From the hometown of Saline, Michigan, Anna grew up with her pet cat, Lasslow, and a young love for dance (jazz & ballet) that she carried through her college years. In May of 2019, she graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing. Soon after graduation, she accepted her position with Glik’s and moved to the St. Louis area in order to start her new chapter in the fashion industry!

Anna's Graduation from CMU

In order to become more familiar with Glik’s and our customers, Anna interned at our Edwardsville, Illinois location for two weeks before stepping into Home Office for the start of her buying career. She loved getting to learn more about this side of the industry because she was able to gain a great understanding of what actually sells in a Glik’s brick and mortar store! This was also a great warm up for our company computer system and inventory layout in order to feel confident when she walked into H.O. for her first week of buying.

Meet Anna Blog

During our interview, Anna shared that she was most excited about being able to see her personal fashion buys actually appear in our stores for purchase! She said that it will be really cool to walk into a store and say, “I’m the reason why that accessory is here!” and we completely agree. We are so excited about the amazing impact that Anna will have on our accessory selection at Glik’s (in stores and online) and we can’t wait to watch the rest of her journey with our company!

Anna's Cat Lasslow

Here's a little more about Anna:

Favorite movie/TV Show: School of Rock and The Office.

Favorite band: Tied between Ariana Grande and the Jonas Brothers.

Favorite dessert:  Chocolate Cake!

Favorite Holiday and why: Christmas. She loves the atmosphere. ❤️

Favorite place in STL: The Botanical Gardens She hasn’t seen the lights yet but wants to!

Favorite Food: Definitely Fettuccini Alfredo. She says it’s best with broccoli.  😋

If you could be any color or print, what would you be: Houndstooth, but her favorite color is teal.

Morning or Night Person: Night. (Wanted us to quote, “Definitely NOT A MORNING person.”)

Dream travel destination: Italy because she has family there.  Her last name is fully Italian so she wants to learn more about her heritage and she has a cousin named Anna Cerimele that she wants to meet!

Fashion Icon/Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn for her classic Hollywood style. Very classy.

Favorite Fashion Trend Currently: High waisted anything! Least Favorite: Chunky tennis shoes. 👟

What do you think is the next big trend: Tie Dye! Thinks it will become a lot bigger in the near future.

Describe your style: Fashion-on-a-budget. 😉

What is your favorite item from your closet collection: Her Michael Kors Purse! She said the color was a blueberry, yogurt, velvet mixture that made her fall in love. Too special for use!

Share a fun fact: She’s been dancing since she was 5 years old!

Anna with Club Dance

We hope that you had just as much fun getting to know Anna as we did! Welcome to the Glik’s Home Office! We're excited to see all of your buys just as much as you are. ❤️

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