New to the Buying Team: Abby!

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Introducing: Abby!

We are excited to introduce you to Abby Meyer, our new Assistant Buyer of Crossover Clothing! Originally from Hillsboro, Illinois, Abby started with Glik’s as an associate at our Edwardsville, Illinois location.  She loved the company and the atmosphere that Glik’s holds as well as being able to help people face to face in the store.  While working at our Edwardsville location, Abby was studying to get her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management from Stevens Institute in St. Louis! Although she liked being able to move around the store and have every day and situation be different, she eagerly accepted the buying position at HQ when it was offered to her a few months back! After all, her goal was to become a buyer and get a better look behind the scenes of retail and fashion.

Abby's Graduation

Since starting her new position at Home Office, Abby has learned so much already and has gained new experiences!  She said it’s so fun to learn from the other buyers and it’s surreal getting to see the clothes she picks out and buys for our customers – arrive in store & even posted on stores’ Instagram pages! It definitely gives her a sense of relief and joy knowing that she picked the right career for herself and following her passion.
Abby, along with two other buyers (Nick and Anna), had the opportunity to be models and walk the runway in a recent fashion show held at the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville. They all agreed it was crazy to be on the model side and showing off the clothes that they have bought for the company! Either way, it was a great experience and a fun event that is put on by the community.
The Art Of Fashion Show

Here's a Little More About Abby:

Favorite Color: Any & all shades of pink
Favorite Food: TACOS -- Her favorite place to go is Rosalita's Cantina in STL!
Pets: Golden Retriever named Jax!
Abby's dog Jax
In her free time, she likes to...: Shop online, cook & bake, go hiking, & play with Jax!
If she had to be an ice cream flavor, it would be: An M&M Blizzard, because it's delicious and colorful
Something she cannot live without: HER FAMILY
Dream Travel Destination: The Netherlands -- fun fact, her brother goes to the Netherlands often for work, so she hopes that she can go someday too!
She described her style as: Ever-changing! But currently her favorite go-to look is a graphic tee layered under a denim jacket!
Favorite Fashion Trend Currently: Mules
Least Favorite Trend Currently: Neon Colors
Favorite TV Show(s): The Office, Schitt's Creek, and That 70s Show
Abby- Assistant Buyer of Crossover Clothing

We hope that you had just as much fun getting to know Abby as we did! Welcome to the Glik’s Home Office! We're excited to see all of your buys just as much as you are. ❤️

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