New Pink Pewter Headbands are Hitting Doors for the Spring!

new pink pewter headbands

Pink Pewter Headbands are one of the hottest hair accessories in fashion today. We just started receiving the new spring line and can’t wait for you to see it!

how to style your pink pewter
Founder and designer of Pink Pewter, Mireya demonstrates how to style your Pink Pewter stretch headband with fan and customer, Alyssa.

Worn by teens, women, and celebrities alike, these fashion forward hair accessories are the perfect statement piece for any woman’s everyday look.

Carrie underwood wears pink pewter
Carrie Underwood wearing Pink Pewter style “Gia” with her comfy and casual clothes. Click to Purchase “Gia”

You don’t have to be Carrie Underwood to rock these stunning headbands, as Pink Pewter offers headbands that range from simple and elegant to large and bold. There is a headband (or five) for everyone!

pink pewter founder
Mireya and myself after the Pink Pewter sales meeting

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder and designer of Pink Pewter, Mireya Villarreal, when she visited our corporate headquarters this month. I’d be lying if I said she didn’t enchant me from the moment I shook her hand. She was passionate, driven, and humble about her success in the fashion industry.


It was a beautiful thing to experience her discussing potential design ideas with her loyal customers and business partners. She introduced to us a ridiculous amount of breathtaking fashion forward spring headband styles that will be hitting our doors this year (some already have!! Click Here to check them out).

shop online for new pink pewter at glik's

Fun Facts about Pink Pewter at Glik’s:

  • These beaded and embellished headbands are hand crafted.
  • Pink Pewter employs about 300 workers in India, where hand craftsmanship is top notch.
  • Pink Pewter is featured in 41 Glik’s store locations and on
  • When Mireya was discussing the craftsmanship of her headbands, she mentioned that the Dallas headband she was holding takes about 8 hours to make.
  • Mireya was a hairstylist who started making hair accessories for her daughter before she started selling them herself.
  • Of the first 10 potential clients she spoke to, 9 of them accepted her new line of hair accessories in their stores.
  • The name Pink Pewter was inspired by Mireya’s daughter whose favorite color was pink and when she was younger, pronounced “computer” “pewter.”
  • Glik’s started carrying Pink Pewter during the summer 2013 season.
  • After a new design pattern is made, it only takes about 6-8 weeks for production and distribution before you could potentially wear it with your favorite fashions.
  • Pink Pewter currently offers belts, scarves, and hair accessories, although they are about to release a stunning collection of Pink Pewter clutches. Keep an eye out on our Pink Pewter page for these clutches and other new arrivals
  • Learn to style your Pink Pewter Headband Here

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