Necklaces for Every Neckline

Necklaces for every necklineWith all the different necklines on your tops, sweaters, and dresses, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out which necklace looks best with each neckline. While there are not any hard and fast rules to what necklaces you can and cannot wear with certain items, we want to give you a guideline to make accessorizing a little easier.

Necklaces for a v-neckWith a v-neck, you have the perfect space to show off a layered necklace or statement piece. This three-strand beaded necklace is daintily framed by the v-shape  neckline on this top from Mine.

Necklace for a collared button down shirtA button-down shirt sometimes needs a little extra bling. Don’t be afraid to layer some long necklaces with a collared, button-down shirt. You can wear the necklaces inside the collar or tuck them underneath the collar – either way will look great. With this white and black pleather trim Poof top we have layered a long gold necklace and tusk pendant necklace tucked underneath the collar.

necklace for scoop necklineFor a simple scoop neckline, long necklaces are great. Whether it is a simple, long, beaded necklace or a pendant, the long necklace accentuates the scoop neckline and elongates the frame. This colorful triangle necklace adds a touch of quirkiness to this cropped striped sweater from Coco Love.

necklace for high necklineA large statement necklace is the perfect way to spice up a simple, elegant, high neckline on any top or dress. This lace Tea n Rose top looks beautiful against the contrasting gold and mint statement necklace.

Large statement necklaces are super popular right now. Wearing them with a simple scoop neckline, high or low, is the way to show off the stunning piece and look incredible. Every Glik’s location has a different variety of jewelry, so keep checking back in store and online for new accessories.

necklaces for every neckline

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