Minocqua Blast Wake Event



The Glik’s team traveled to the beautiful Minocqua, Wisconsin to attend the Minocqua Blast Fox Wake event last week! Besides traveling to an incredible lakeside destination, we were able to watch the Min-Aqua Bats perform alongside some talented Fox Wake Riders. Rusty Malinoski, Jimmy Lariche, and Gus and Gunnar Shuler are the Fox Wake Riders that performed on July 17th on Lake Minocqua. The turnout for the event was huge! 



The Min-Aqua Bats are a team of wakeboarders that perform twice a week in Minocqua during the summer. The team is made up of young girls and boys who have a passion for riding and performing. The turnout for the Min-Aqua Bats show is always great, but the crowd last Wednesday night was one of the biggest according to Minocqua locals. People were scanning the deck for the famous Fox riders, hoping to catch a close up glance before they went out onto the water.



Above is Gus Shuler





The performance was fantastic! The Min-Aqua Bats put on a fun and entertaining show and the Fox riders took to the water during half time for their exclusive demo performance. The riders were phenomenal, and the setting sun reflecting in the boat’s pathways only added to the performance. 

ImageGunnar Shuler

When the Fox riders finished their performance and walked up through the stands to make their way back to the Fox bus, they were surrounded by fans. Everyone wanted to snap a picture with these industry professionals. Children were getting parts of their body signed, mothers and fathers were ushering their kids forward to get a picture and a chance to meet the riders face to face. Jimmy, Rusty, Gus, and Gunnar did not let the fans down. They enjoyed the admiration and gladly posed for photos and autographed memorabilia for the fans.

ImageGus and Gunnar Shuler Posing for Pictures with Fans

ImageRusty Malinoski Signing Autographs for Fans

ImageJimmy LeRiche Signing Autographs

ImageJimmy and Rusty Posing for a Pic

On Thursday, July 18th, the riders came by our Glik’s store located in downtown Minocqua to sign autographs for Fox fans. The turnout was huge! Judy, one of the store managers of the Minocqua store, said it was the largest crowd they had ever seen for a Fox signing! It was a blast hanging out with the Fox team and watching the fans’ excitement.



Thanks so much to the Fox Team and Rusty, Jimmy, Gus, and Gunnar for coming out to help with this awesome event!

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