Men's Denim Jeans - The Best of The Best

The Best of the Best: Men's Denim Jeans

Gearing up for back to school and fall season only means one thing: DENIM! Although it’s a year-round staple, denim jeans become even more popular in everyone’s closets once the weather cools down. Glik’s is your denim destination for both women and men which is why I want to highlight some of our best-selling men’s denim brands, the different fits and styles of men’s jeans we carry, and additional sizing tips to help you pick out the perfect pair this fall and winter.

Men’s denim jeans are a big business around here which is why we have a variety of brands and styles for you to choose from. Axel Jeans, True Luck Jeans, Silver Jeans, and Ariat feature our biggest selection of denim as well as our in-house brand, 1897 Denim. All of these denim brands keep comfort in mind with classic designs and comfortable stretch denim made for both workwear and street wear! You can find bootcut jeans, straight leg jeans, and slim fit jeans at Glik’s online or in many of our brick-and-mortar stores. Whether you want to try new trends or stick with classic styles, our men’s jeans selection has it all.

 How Men's Jeans Fit

Now that you know what types of jeans we have, you can choose the right pair for you! Bootcut vs straight vs slim💪 Bootcut jeans are the classic pair of denim most guys love! Men’s bootcut jeans feature a comfortable, relaxed fit throughout the leg with enough room at the bottom to wear over a pair of boots. Straight leg jeans for men will have the same relaxed fit throughout the leg as bootcut but a straight cut at the bottom instead of flaring out. Lastly, slim jeans would be the most adventurous and youthful style of the bunch. Men’s slim jeans have a tighter, slim fit throughout the leg and to the bottom. They’re a mix between straight and skinny jeans yet still super comfortable! All of these different styles may vary on relaxed or fitted cuts, but each will be detailed in the title or description of the specific product to ensure you are getting the pair you want.

Our men’s denim jeans are available in waist sizes 29 through 40 and lengths 30 through 34 for most styles. When trying to figure out what size jeans to buy, you can check out all of our individual denim size charts for each denim brand on the specific brand’s page. To find your size yourself, your waist measurement would be where your natural waist is and the length (inseam) measurement is the inside of the leg. Our jeans are fairly true to size across the brands and styles we carry (*unless noted otherwise).

 Shop Men's Denim

Be sure to shop our entire men’s denim selection online at! Your little one’s can get in on the fun too with boy’s jeans from Axel. And, check our New Arrivals page for the latest denim and apparel releases throughout the season!

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