Made in USA Clothing: Everly and Flying Monkey

Everly Damask Print Shift Dress


Made in USA apparel is more appealing than ever before in this world of fast fashion. Cutting edge styles hit the sales floors of stores around the world every day. Box after box of clothing gets unpacked into retail stores and sold in an instant. For all those budget conscious shoppers out there, fast fashion has been a God-send to allow broke college students and soccer moms alike keep up with fashion trends without fear of breaking the bank. With all of this fashion churning out of factories, isn’t it great to know that more and more of this product is being produced right here in the United States?

Knowing my clothes are made in America gives me a little sigh of relief as I fill my closet with new fashion finds. Shopping apparel made in the USA makes me feel good about contributing to America’s economy and designers. I love being able to follow an American company, brand, or designer whose faces I can see and lifestyles I can become a part of. We carry around a sense of pride associated with where we are from and where we live. Being an American, it is a natural response to want to shop locally, help out small businesses, up and coming designers, and manufacturing going on in our home country.

Everly Dress Accessorized


Glik’s has jumped on board with the growing Made in USA apparel industry out of California. The fast fashion that comes out of Los Angeles is super cute, right on trend with current styles, and unbelievably affordable. Our buying team travels to LA several times a season to pick out the latest and greatest styles. A couple of our favorite brands that are based out of LA and manufacture their products in America are Everly and Flying Monkey.

Everly is a clothing line created by sisters Fabiana and Adriana. These sisters decided to join forces to create a beautiful collection of clothing inspired by their love of design, vintage, music, art, and travel. The vision behind Everly was to combine life and fashion in a way that is quirky, fun, and stylish. This is how the sisters define the Everly girl:

“The Everly girl is fun and free. She inspires and wants to be inspired. She walks to the beat of her own drum and her style is one that is always evolving as she finds herself in this journey called life.”

While not all of Everly’s products are exclusively made in the United States, the majority of them are when it’s possible with the resources here in the states. Everly’s tops and dresses are classy and sophisticated, but always have an element of fun and never fail to be fashion forward.

Everly Dress With Clutch


You can find this Everly Damask Print Shift Dress, Very Volatile Harness Booties, and similar accessories online and in select stores.

Another one of our all-time favorite brands is Flying Monkey. Flying Monkey makes jeans and jeggings in a huge variety of colors, washes, prints, and styles. The fit of Flying Monkey jeans is fantastic for any body shape. Flying Monkey began in 2004 and was launched by Plastic by GLY. Flying Monkey is based out of Los Angeles, where all design and manufacturing takes place.

Jeans made in the United States can be a hard thing to find, but Flying Monkey provides you with an endless array of options all made with their quality fabric and fabulous fit. The stetchy fit conforms to any shape and is so soft and comfortable, you are sure to fall in love with this brand. The motto behind this denim brand is: “Fly to release your mind, body, and soul. Fly to where your heart goes. Just fly and be free.”

Red Flying Monkey Jeggings and Leopard Bow  Back Top


Red Flying Monkey Jeggings/Lovely Day Leopard Bow Back Top/Open Detail Booties

Medallion Print Shift Dress



Medallion Print Shift Dress/Studded Chestnut Booties

Medallion Print Shift Dress


Everly Navy Shift Dress


Everly Navy Shift Dress/Brown Studded Booties

Everly Work Wear Shift Dress


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