Let's Talk About Teddy

Teddy Versus Sherpa

Welcome to my teddy talk! The question you all have been trying to decipher the answer to… what’s the difference between teddy and Sherpa material? And what’s so great about the two? Well, the answer is you can’t go wrong with either, because Sherpa pullovers and teddy coats are SO insanely popular that you’ll definitely want to purchase one of each. Although the material and fabric content ranges from teddy bear, faux fur, shearling, popcorn fabric, wubby, and Sherpa, they all have the same things in common – comfortable, fashionable, and suuuper soft.

Teddy Coats

We admit it... we have a soft spot for the cozy, cute look of a plush teddy coat, and this season's colors and styles do not disappoint. From fluffy & fun to the shorter pile cropped & structured jackets, teddy coats and pullovers are where it’s at. In my opinion, teddy bear coats are more of a fashion-forward style while Sherpa pullovers and coats are made for a more casual, laid-back style. What we do know is that our stores (including online) carry a variety of styles from a variety of brands! From teddy coat bomber jackets and moto styles to pixie coats and longer silhouettes, you'll find yourself wanting to snuggle up in a teddy coat all season long!

Sherpa Pullovers

Now, Sherpa is the reigning champ of all things cozy! For instance, what if your clothes could feel like you were wrapped in a cozy, soft blanket that was socially acceptable to wear outside the house? That must have been the question the designers of the sherpa pullover asked themselves while they were creating the absolute softest, comfiest, most unbelievably snuggly jacket you'll ever wear. Whether you prefer a pullover, jacket, vest or hoodie, there is a plush sherpa fleece waiting for you. As previously mentioned as teddy coats being a more structured and fitted option to complete your fall looks, many Sherpa pullovers are styled as an oversized fit to wear with your leggings and boots.

When it comes to washing and caring for your jackets & outerwear, teddy coats are definitely easier to keep at the initial best quality throughout your wears. Since Sherpa fabric can be shaggier and not as tight-piled, they can have a tendency to get matted. This is totally normal, but we understand you want to keep your clothes in tip-top shape! So, if you are wanting some extra advice, check out our tips on How to Wash a Sherpa Pullover to keep your sherpa jacket fluffy and soft!

Thanks for coming to my ted(dy) talk. I hope you’ve gained some insight on one of the hottest, and coziest, trends of the season! Shop our styles of Sherpa and teddy coats online NOW or head into your local Glik’s to check out their selection.  Need some style inspo? Follow us on Instagram or check us out on Pinterest!

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