Layering For Fall


Naked Zebra Color Block Dress, BB Dakota Rolly Cardigan, Glitter Champagne Oxford

Fall is unofficially, officially here. This means we get to pull out all of our sweaters, boots, scarves, and socks from hiding! Yes, it is sad as summer comes to a close and the days get shorter – but the leaves will begin to change and rain down in colorful curtains from dying branches to splatter the ground with vibrant shades of new life. The smell of campfires will become fragrant on our sweaters and jackets as we spend evenings with friends and family enjoying nature’s beauty. This is my favorite season. The beautiful weather, that familiar smell that is in the air, you feel it, the changing of seasons, and I find it absolutely intoxicating at times.

You can find beauty in the weather, in the elements of nature, but beauty also in the clothing we wear and how we choose to represent ourselves to the world. I think this is where the phrase “a passion for fashion” comes from. We delight in creating beautiful things and clothing allows us to do just that. The rich colors and soft fibers and mixtures of prints and textures all combine to create a one of a kind look that expresses who we are. Fall allows us to do that with so many more elements because we have to bundle up for the weather. This means layering jeans and sweaters and cardigans and scarves, boots and tall socks, belts and jewelry. You have the ability to wear so many more pieces of clothing, and that means tons of choices and possibilities. It’s just so fun!

We have put together a few outfits to give you some inspiration of how to layer your spring pieces for fall. My biggest pieces of advice: Don’t be shy. Mix and match, layer with the unexpected, create something beautiful.

Lace Dress with Crop Sweater, Scarf, Knee Socks, and Boots

Blush Lace Dress, Cozy Crop Sweater, Over The Knee Socks, Gomax Women’s Apple Ranch Riding Boot

Layering Sweater and Scarf with Dress

Anchor Sweater, Scarf, Olive Green Maxi Skirt

Nautical Anchor Sweater, Army Green Maxi Skirt, Cognac Wedge Bootie

Cognac Wedge Booties



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