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Valentines Day 2014

Love is in the air!

As you prepare for Valentine’s Day, are you beginning to notice little displays of affection that are sometimes taken for granted the rest of the year? Handholding. Stolen kisses. It could be something as little as a glance. This is the time of year that people are on a quest for romance. And we find it everywhere.

Infinity sign with anchor and infinity nautical scarf

At Glik’s, we are channeling our romantic side with this year’s infinity scarf. The infinity sign has become a beacon of love, strength, and completion for many. Found in jewelry, scarves, clothing, and even on the skin in the form of tattoos, the infinity sign is a trending symbol that has grown exponentially. And its presence could be infinite (insert knee slap here).

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Worn year round, infinity scarves are one of the hottest fashion accessories for your wardrobe. Found in an assortment of solids, stripes, prints, and textures, these easy-to-wear scarves are great to style and go. And let’s not forget the variety of looks you can achieve by just switching your scarf! We are excited about the scarf line-up available this spring season at Glik’s.


The infinity scarf is given its name because it is circular in shape, giving it an “infinite” quality. The circle is a symbol of love and is linked to many traditions, including wedding bands. To style this scarf you simply put the scarf around your neck, twist it to a “figure 8” or infinity sign, and pull the second loop over your head. There are, of course, many creative ways to style the infinity scarf differently for a unique look. But the beauty of the infinity scarf is that you don’t need to!

traditional scarf style

DIY–How to Make an Infinity Scarf from a Traditional Scarf

The infinity scarf is a favorite of many because of its simplicity. So what happens when you see a traditional scarf that you simply can’t pass up? We can show you how to turn any traditional scarf into an infinity scarf–temporarily and infinitely.step

To make a temporary infinity scarf is quite simple. Instead of sewing the edges together, we’re going to tie 3 knots. First, fold the scarf in half so the shorter sides come together. You should end up with half the original length. Second, tie the end corners together in a small knot on both sides. You should have 2 completed knots. Finally, pinch the edge of each side in the middle between the 2 knots, and tie them together. You will have 3 knots in a straight line across the seamed ends.

how to make an infinity scarf

To style this tied infinity scarf, loop the scarf around your neck with the knots behind your head and style as normal. The temporary infinity scarf is beneficial because you can always untie the knots and style the scarf traditionally later.

Dust Off Your Sewing Machine Ladies!

Sewn together your own Infinity Scarf

A downfall to the temporary infinity scarf, however, is that it can create a bit of bulk where the ends are tied. By sewing the ends of the traditional scarf together, you can create a seamless fit around your neck. Transforming any scarf into an infinity scarf is really not difficult! Don’t be intimidated, because anyone can do it!

Do it yourself infinity scarf

You will start off the same way you did with the tied infinity scarf by first folding the scarf in half so the shorter sides come together. Be sure the top of each side of the scarf is facing in. If it is hard to determine, you can look at the hem of the scarf to determine which side is the top. After you have the scarf folded and the ends of the scarf are flush, pin the sides together to hold it in place.

how to make your own infinity scarf

After the scarf is pinned, you are ready to sew the ends together using a basic stitch, backstitching at the beginning and end.  It is important to give the scarf at least a ¼” seam allowance (maybe a little more if the fabric is an open weave) to avoid a split in the seam later.

Infinity scarves online

When you are finished sewing the ends, trim the loose strings at each end.  Do not trim or cut the seam allowance of the scarf. This will prevent the seam from splitting.

Sew your own infinity scarf

Congratulations! You have a newly created infinity scarf! Altered for your convenience, your new favorite scarf print is now ready to be styled out in a breeze!

This year, let us all pledge to embrace the importance of love, family, and friendship not just on Valentine’s Day, but also all year long. The infinity sign has become an icon for love and strength. And you can wear it everyday with a cute and fashionable infinity scarf from Glik’s.

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