How to Wear a Shirt Tied Around Your Waist

The 90’s called. And they had some great fashion advice! Who knew that part of the grunge trend would be revived in fashion trends we see today? We always hear that fashion repeats itself, and it is obvious that 90’s fashions are coming back in a big way. This summer we saw crop tops, high-waisted shorts, and plaid apparel integrating their way into our wardrobes. One of the hottest 90’s grunge-inspired trends this season is the shirt tied around the waist.

Button-up shirt

Shirt tied around your waist

There are not too many rules when it comes to wearing the around-the-waist shirt wrap. However, we have some tips and guidelines that will allow you to look your best. The first rule of thumb when sporting this look is to choose a button-down shirt with arms long enough to tie around your waist. This is when your boyfriend’s wardrobe could come in handy! An oversized button-down plaid or flannel shirt works best.

Shirt tied around waist

Thread and Supply Button-up shirt

The button-up shirt doesn’t always have to be flannel or plaid. The shirt-around-the-waist look doesn’t have to portray a super casual look either. If you look, you will see celebrities wearing everything from plaid shirts to leather jackets around their waists. They also do a great job of bringing otherwise casual wear to effortless chic and polished looks. Celebrities and other fashionistas have been spotted pairing leather and heels with button-up shirts.

Shirts tied around your waist
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Since the 90’s revival of fashion first appeared on the runway, celebrities had the upper hand with jumping on this trend first. Here are some celebrity spottings:

Shirt tied around waist
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Shirts tied around your waist
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Guys can pull off the look too!

shirts tied around waist
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