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This fall we are mad over plaid! Perfect for layering and available in other colors, this Buffalo Plaid Shirt can be styled to achieve a variety of looks for one great price. We will show you how to wear a plaid shirt to acheive 9 different looks. Which one is your favorite?

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How to Wear a Plaid Shirt:

#1 The Classic Plain Jane

Starting off the list is a classic everyday look. Sometimes less is more, so wearing the plaid button-up traditionally with a pair of Flying Monkey Jeans is a great way to start your day.

plaid button up shirt

#2 Layered Under a Sweater or Knit Top

Layering any button-up woven shirt under a knit top or sweater is a great look, but using a plaid print can add a lot of personality to your style while giving you the chance to mix prints. Don’t forget to pop out the collar, cuff the sleeves, and leave the bottom untucked. This preppy look can be paired with Sperry Top-Sider Shoes for a bit of Southern charm.

layer a sweater

layer a sweater

#3 Under a Faux Leather Jacket

This look can be edgy or classic! Layering a plaid shirt under a jacket adds versatility to your outfit. You can add and remove the jacket throughout the evening or you can play with your look by buttoning or zipping the front and leaving your collar out. Complete this ensemble with your favorite riding or combat boots.

faux leather jacket

faux leather jacket

#4 Paired with Overalls

What better way to channel your inner country bumpkin than to layer your plaid button-up shirt under your most comfortable pair of overalls? These beauties are a trendy and fun way to spend a casual day running errands or shopping.

denim overalls

denim overalls

#5 With a Graphic Tee

Layering your plaid button up shirt over any graphic tee is a trendy and quirky way to let your individuality shine! Whether you sport your favorite band or a funny one liner, this style is can be adapted by everyone.

layering graphic tees

layering graphic tees

#6 Tied Around Your Waist

Although you can spice up any outfit by tying a button up plaid shirt around your waist, this look can be transitioned easiest with a graphic tee layered underneath. We completed our chic rocker look with faux leather pants, a Pink Pewter Headband, and Steve Madden combat boots.

button up shirt tied around the waist

button up shirt tied around the waist

#7 Under a Vest

Adding a cropped vest to your button-up plaid shirt can help break up the bold print and add a subtle flair of style. Remember that denim vest you purchased over the summer to wear over your maxi dresses? Good news! You can rock that baby all year long!

vests over plaid

vests with button up

#8 Tied at the Front

This look can be paired with high-waisted shorts during the summer for a Daisy Duke-inspired look, but we paired it with a maxi skirt for an adorable fall variation. Layer the plaid shirt over a cami and tie the ends of the shirt together at the waist. Simple. Cute. Easy Peasy.

button up knotted at waist

shirt knotted at waist

#9 Layered with a Cardigan

Nothing screams fall fashion this year quite like layering button-up shirts under cardigans. Whether the cardigan is open front or features button closures, pairing your plaid shirt with different colors and prints will create a vast amount of outfit choices in your closet. Oh the possibilities!

button up shirt and cardigan

button up shirt and cardigan

We want to hear your ideas on how to wear a plaid shirt!

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