How to Wear a Bodysuit


Bodysuits- the one piece you can wear all year long! Bodysuits are becoming more widely popular and they can be such great basic pieces in your wardrobe. In case you missed it, bodysuits are one-piece garments that function as any other shirt, but with the added benefit of being able to tuck in your shirt and keep it tucked all day long. We continue getting new styles of bodysuits online and in-stores – with bare shoulder, tank styles, and short sleeve bodysuits headlining this season.  And, if slim-fitting styles aren’t for you, don’t worry because bodysuits also come in flowy blouse styles as well!

You may be wondering why we love bodysuits so much and we will tell you. They offer support, comfort, flexibility, and overall versatility to your outfits. You can move and groove all day long while keeping everything in place! Bodysuits are best paired with high waist pants, shorts, or skirts, since some styles have a high cut on the sides.  Most of our bodysuit styles we carry are designed with a snap button closure at the bottom, which makes for easy on and off – especially when using the restroom!

When thinking about how to wear and style your bodysuit, act as if it is any other tank or shirt in your wardrobe. Play with layers and accessories, or just wear it by itself with a pair of denim shorts! Bodysuits may seem intimidating, but the most difficult part is finding the right size.  Each style is sized differently, so don’t be afraid to experiment with various sizes.  If you are ever unsure or are between sizes, it’s better to size up to give yourself more length- you don’t want the bodysuit to be uncomfortably riding up or sitting too low at your chest.

Style Examples:

For when you want a laid-back look, try wearing a stretchy-knit bodysuit and pair it with denim jeans or denim shorts and a pair of sneakers.

casual bodysuits

For when you want to get dressed up, look for a sleek or flowy bodysuit and pair it with a skirt or tie-waist pants and some heels.

dressy bodysuits

Are you ready to step into a bodysuit now?! Check out our selection in your local Glik's and make sure to follow us on Instagram to see how we like to style our bodysuits. 

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