How To Style a Hair Scarf

how to style hair scarves

2022 is full of 90s nostalgia, and our favorite comeback pieces are hair accessories! From butterfly clips, hair barrettes to claw clips, our current favorite is hair scarves. Hair scarves have been around for centuries, but this time around they are better than ever! Grab a beverage of choice, sit back, and we will show you all the fun ways to elevate your hair scarf game. From how to style silk scarves in your hair to how to make hair scarves into a trendy new top, we have you covered!


We have no shame in our hair scarf game! As a matter of fact it is one of our favorite ways to wear them! Not only are hair scarfs a trendy accessory to add some flare to an outfit, but they can also be used as a form of protection for your hair from the elements. We’re here to show you all the fun ways to tie a hair scarf on your head. There are endless styles to choose from, but here are our favorites!

how to style silk scarves in hair

Hair scarfs are not only limited to being an accessory for the hair, but can also be styled an endless amount of ways. Have a plain bag you want to make a little more fun? Tie a silk scarf around the strap & viola! Another simple way to incorporate a silk hair scarf into your outfit is by folding it into a diagonal and rolling it up to make a cute belt for that trendy new pair of flare jeans. Need some more ideas on how to incorporate them into your lifestyle? Look no further. 

How to style silk scarves for accessories

RING! RING! Your friend is calling to see if you want to go out tonight, but you have nothing to wear… but wait, what about that new hair scarf you got from Glik’s! If only there was a blog that showed you all the ways to turn a hair scarf into a trendy top. Oh wait, there is! Here’s all the ways we love to style our hair scarves into tops for your next girls night out.

how to style silk scarves as a top

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