How to Pack for Spring Break

The most highly anticipated season of major fun and partying is upon us. Spring break! Packing for play time is no game. Guys, you may think you have it easy when it comes to packing. But just because you may not need the hair tools, makeup bags, and emergency manicure kit, there are still some spring break necessities you must pack. I’m going to give you the ultimate Spring Break Checklist to keep you stylish and ready for swimming, partying, ice-cold drinks, and having the time of your life.

One of the most important items on your checklist: swim attire. What’s the point of going to a spring break destination and not dipping into the water?

1. Boardshorts:

You must pack a couple pair of swim trunks that are fashionable and versatile. Having two pair gives you the option to alternate between styles and always have a clean pair on hand. When packing for spring break not just any old boardshort will do; you have to look stylish and have the right fit.

IMG_8034The Hurley Phantom boardshort is the boardshort of the year. The construction of this men’s swimming short has been patented so only Hurley can offer such a unique and high performing style of water short. From its laser cut design and bonded seams, you will find that these shorts are more like a second skin. The innovative creation of this boardshort makes it comfortable and lightweight. Life is better in Hurley Phantom boardshorts, so check out the variety of colors and prints available at your local Glik’s.

Did you know?: The Hurley boardshort is made from recycled material. It takes twelve bottles to make one boardshort. Who doesn’t love a product that is eco-friendly and stylish?

The other trendy and high quality men’s boardshort you should pack for your swimming pleasure is one of the styles offered by Fox Racing.IMG_8084The Foxhead Company Overhead Boardshorts will have the beach babes head over heels. With their sublimated graphics, superior craftsmanship, and slim fits you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. No wonder professional wake athletes Dieter Humpsch and Reed Hanson love performing in their Fox Racing boardshorts.


Your lodging amenities will probably include a surplus of towels but nothing is better than having your own. This Pabst Blue Ribbon Beach Towel will look great with these PBR boardshorts and tees.


Check out the other brands and styles of boardshorts we have available at and your local Glik’s.

2.   Shirts:

Having a variety of shirts is essential.  Men’s classic style V-neck tees are great to have because of their versatility. 1897 tee shirts come in a variety of prints and are made with soft and comfortable fabrics. When you’re hanging poolside or barbequing on the deck, pair your tee with boardshorts for a casual and cool look.


Wear a stylish men’s 1897 tank with khaki shorts and your ready for a day by the water.

3.     Shoes:

Before adventuring out on spring break make sure you pack comfortable shoes. For comfort while strolling on the boardwalk pack a pair of Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals for men. Don’t forget your Sperry Top Sider shoes for those nights out.


Fun Fact: Sanuk Sandals are made from yoga mats. No wonder they have unmatched comfort.

4.     Sunscreen

Don’t be a bum when you’re lying in the sun. Lay on the Sun Bum.

photo 1 (3)

Don’t Forget: There is nothing more important than protecting your skin.

5.     Forget Me Not Items i.e. Accessories:

Let’s not forget the small items that every guy needs, not just on spring break, but practically every day. Look chic and mysterious or hide your tired eyes with some sunglasses.


Keep the sun off your head by sporting a stylish cap.

Get your vibe going with your favorite playlist.


The ultimate spring break checklist must include the most essential item to help keep your beverages cold. The Burton Beeracuda Throwback is an over the shoulder beer holder with an insulated sleeve. Whether you pick a one sleeve holder or a double sleeve, you will want to double-check that you have one with you.

IMG_8109 (1)

De facto fashion tip: It’s the small things in life that matter, so accessorize.

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