Holiday Style with Nick Bakhitiari

Meet Nick.


This handsome bloke is an Area Manager for Glik’s. Mr. Nick oversees several of our Minnesota & South Dakota store locations. A self-proclaimed fan of the holidays, Nick enjoys cold weather, warm layers and cozy evenings by the fire. Should I also mention that he likes hot cocoa with bits of marshmallows, long walks outside and holiday movies, or does that sound like too much?

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and Nick (a.k.a Santa’s Helper) sat down with me for a bit of Q & A.  I would like to mention that this “preppy, yet casual” character has a few items that he thinks would make everyone’s season brighter!

Me: What would you say is one thing that you absolutely cannot live without this fall/winter season?

Nick: Every guy needs a good pair of boots to wear during the cooler weather. I live in Minnesota and we have very unpredictable weather. I wear boots all the time out of necessity.

Me: There are so many fun trends for this Holiday season. What is your favorite trend so far?

Nick: Designer and patterned socks. I’m going crazy for them right now. I’m also loving eco-friendly outdoor gear. Renew & reuse!  

Me: Lastly, would you share with us what your top 3 picks are for this Holiday season?

Nick: For the ladies, I would definitely have to suggest the Women’s Better Sweater Jacket from Patagonia. I am a big fan of this environmentally-friendly brand.  Like I said before, I am addicted to boots; they’re a must-have for winter. Every guy needs a decent collection of long sleeve pullovers in their wardrobe. I have a ton, and I layer them up under jackets when it is cold.


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