Happy Holidays @ Your Local Glik's

Happy Holidays at Glik's

If you have a Glik's store near you and you haven't yet planned a shopping visit during the Holiday season... you're missing out!!! Here's why: at Glik's, we like to have FUN during the holidays! This year we celebrated with 32 different VIP events throughout the company, a bunch of our stores wrapped their customer's gifts for free, and all of our associates are dressed to the nines in order to spark fashion inspiration for all visitors who walk in their doors! If you still don't think you'll have time to stop in, keep reading so you can experience a Glik's Christmas through this blog post.


Glik's VIP Event

Speaking about our store's VIP events, here are a few photos to help you capture the spirit of their after-hour parties. In 32 of our stores, each associate was given personalized invites so that they could welcome their friends and family members to their special event! These invite-only parties included refreshments, and special deals for every shopper, and they were all very successful! We were excited to try something new this year and hopefully next year we will be able to have even more stores participate.  


Free Gift Wrapping at Glik's!

Not all of our stores are able to offer free gift wrapping, but for the ones that do, this is an activity that both our customers and our associates appreciate every year! For the Glik's associates that love wrapping presents, this is such a nice break from the norm during the holiday season. Also, seeing how happy it makes your customer when they thank you for helping them out during such a busy season, it feels so rewarding! Finished with bows and to/from stickers, these stores feel just a tad more festive than the others during the holidays.


Holiday Style at Glik's

Every day, we challenge our associates to dress as the fashion leaders of their community. However, during the holidays, we always notice a little extra sparkle and festivity in their looks! Whether they choose to reach for a santa hat, or some sherpa, these Glik's stylists will always look decked out from head-to-toe. The holidays are also a stressful time for our customers that need outfits for photo shoots and festive parties. No worries! All of our stores are full of stylists ready to meet you with a smile and help you feel fresh and new for the holiday season.


Holiday Decorations at Glik's

Not only do we make sure our associates are styled up for the season, we also decorate our stores to make sure they look festive and inviting from Black Friday all the way through Christmas! We love how each store takes their own spin on this holiday activity, creating Christmas cheer in their own special way. You'll be sure to find a unique experience in every single store, some even have holiday decorations that spill out to the sidewalk!!


Giftables at Glik's

If you're still needing last-minute gifts for under the tree or to stuff your stockings to the tippy-top, make sure to check out the giftables section at your local Glik's! We always offer gift cards (and this year we also offer e-gift cards!) as well as a wide variety of trendy & tiny items that your giftee will be sure to love. Just let the store associates know what you're looking for and I'm sure they'll be able to help you find the perfect presents! 


Boutique Chalkboards at Glik's

Last but not least, something special about the holiday season is our extended shopping hours! Almost all of our stores have longer days just so you can have more time to shop. Check their Instagram or their boutique's entrance chalkboard to make sure what their weekly hours are before you plan your shopping trip! You can also always check our store locator page on our website that is constantly updated, even when stores are closed due to bad weather. 

We are so excited for you to visit us during the holidays, and if you can't we hope that you enjoyed this little taste of what it's like to shop at Glik's during this festive season. Please check out the links below to see all of the featured stores from this blog! 👀  


































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