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If you're like us, your original summer plans were probably scrapped, and now you're back to the drawing board! Due to health safety concerns, a lot of people have cancelled their previously planned summer getaways and are opting for a vacation much closer to home. Because of this travel trend, we wanted to provide a summer travel guide full of our favorite places that are close to our hearts and to our communities that we've been planted in across the Midwest. So, from our travel plans to yours, here are some of our favorite local getaways: 


Visit Rockford, MI


There's so much to see here in Rockford! Here are a few of our favorite places that we recommend visiting during your stay:

  1. Rockford Dam (downtown Rockford, MI) – Great for a picnic!
  2. Cannonsburg Lookout – Offers sunsets, walking running biking trails, and ziplining.
  3. White Pine Trail (You can start in Rockford but the trail travels all the way up north to the UP I believe.) – We love walking, running, biking, blading, etc. on this popular travel trail. 
  4. Rogue River - Kayaking dreamboat!
  5. Farmer’s Market – If you love shopping for fresh foods, you’ll find so much goodness at this lovely spot!

 - Brianna Walter, Erin Kerr & Sydney Walsh Rockford Glik’s


 Visit Grand Island, NE


Tornado Hill: In 1980 we had a tornado outbreak that devastated our area. The strongest of the twisters was rated at F4, and damages in the city were estimated at almost $300 million (in 1980 dollars). However, Grand Island rallied together and was soon picking up the pieces of their city. They even turned some of those pieces into a big hill. This is an epic spot to star gaze here on top of the hill in the city limits, a blanket, bug spray and your imagination a must! 

Tanking: This fun summer activity offers some relaxation while floating down a peaceful river in a stock tank. Tanking is a uniquely Nebraskan summer activity that you should try during your visit. Our abundance of river miles makes this the perfect place to jump into a tank and set off on a peaceful float. To keep your trip authentic, make sure to bring polish horseshoes, a deck of cards and cold drinks. This is going to be a great trip!

- Timaree Johnson Grand Island Glik's


 Visit Olney, IL


For the Olney area, we love our East Fork Lake. The views are beautiful and if you can find a way to get out on the water you won’t regret it! We also think Red Hills State Park is a great vacation destination. You can hike, horse ride, fish, camp and really enjoy anything outdoorsy there. The other place we think would be great (only about one hour drive away) is the Garden of the Gods. This beautiful place is similar to Red Hills, but the views while hiking are to die for!!

- LeaAnn Runyon, Logan Urfer & Maci Burgener – Olney Glik’s


Visit Fenton, MI


Spicer Orchards is just a stone’s throw from our local Fenton Glik’s. Whether you want to pick berries, or apples, or take part in a wine tasting, Spicer’s always has you covered! If you’re in need of a day at the beach or a great place to kayak, make sure to stop by Seven Lakes State Park in Holly, just a short drive away and 100% worth it. Afterwards, be sure to get a milkshake or an ice cream cone from Uncle Ray’s Dairyland, one of Fenton’s most popular ice cream stops!

- Emily Hayes – Fenton Glik’s


Visit Vincennes, IN


If you’re planning to take a vacation in the Vincennes area, Ouabache Trails Park is one of our favorite places to visit that we would highly recommend. My boys and I always wander into our favorite creek while we are there. They have multiple hiking trails, playgrounds, campgrounds, and also offer cabin rentals! This is a beautiful place to be able to explore the outdoors, have a relaxing getaway, and its only minutes from our store.

- Jess Martinez – Vincennes Glik’s


Visit Highland, IL


Here in Highland we have some great places for experiencing the outdoors and having fun with the kids. We love to take our kiddos over to Glik Park! It is a great playground and offers some amazing picnic spots. Also, if you’re an avid hiker, Silver Lake is a great place to hike, see some nature, fish or have a picnic!

- Ashley Lynn & Ashley Budde – Highland Glik’s


Visit Willmar, MN


One of the best vacation destinations near Willmar is Sibley State Park. You can hike, camp, swim, and they also have ATV and horse trails! It’s one of the most scenic places near Willmar that offers a great place to relax for family, friends, and pets too! You might see quite a few photographers out in the area because the park is picture-perfect at any time of year.

- Hailey Messenbrink – Willmar Glik’s


As you can see, we have plenty of local hidden gems as far as outdoor trips and treasures are concerned. We hope you feel inspired to visit one of these spots during your re-invented, family getaway. However, if your favorite summer activity happens to be retail therapy instead of a night under the stars, be sure to find your local Glik's with our store locator! (You can also just take a gander at the beautiful hand-made map at the beginning of this blog. This Glik's map was drawn by Emma Curran from our Rice Lake Glik's!) We would love to see you visit any of our 65+ stores throughout the Midwest, but we also hope that you and your loved ones get the chance to enjoy your summer vacation in a brand-new way this year.

H.A.G.S. - The Glik's Team

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