Glik’s Halloween 2013

Halloween, also known as All Hallow’s Eve, is a yearly celebration which is observed in numerous countries and falls on the 31st of October. Halloween has quite the history, it has been said that it initiates the triduum (religious observance lasting 3 days) of Hallowmas. First observed in the 8th century AD, Hallowmas is a time to remember the dead.

Halloween might just be on my “Top 5” favorite days of the year list. Why you might ask? I can remember as far back as to a time when my mother would play chaperone to a ‘little me’ and a few of my friends for a few hours (and a few neighborhoods worth) of candy gathering. Ah, the memories, and I’m not going to include how my (very) large bag of candy would magically disappear, like 3 days later…

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 11.14.28 AM (image source: here)

Traditionally the typical Halloween festive activities include trick-or-treating (or copious amounts of free candy), carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, visiting haunting attractions, watching horror movies, and in Glik’s case, attending costume parties. Every year that I have been part of this family owned and operated business, Halloween has been celebrated company wide. To make that “company wide” part of my last statement stand out a bit more… I’m talking 60 stores that span across 9 states in the Midwest and that includes our Home Office (warehouse too).

Here are just a few of our favorite outfits from Glik’s Halloween 2013:


Celebrity Sightings:

Chad FarmingtonVanilla Ice is in the house at the Glik’s in Farmington, MO.


Justin Bieber is a super fan of our Farmington, MO location, too!


Ke$ha can’t keep her dirty paws off our Festus, MO fashions.

Wayne and Garth

Who let Wayne and Garth in? Seriously.


Kip from Napolean Dynamite lost his love in the racks of our Highland, IL location.

Notable Costumes:


Glik’s in Hayward, WI.

Grand Rapids

Glik’s in Grand Rapids, MN


Toddlers in Tiaras were making a fuss at the Glik’s in Willmar, MN.

Granite city

Keeping it clean at the Glik’s in Granite City, IL.

Glik’s Home Office:


The Merchandising team went for a Hipster Disney theme.


A moment of silence, please. Today we remember the recently departed, President & CEO of Glik’s, Jeff Glik.


Hope you all had a fun, safe and candy filled Happy Halloween!

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