Glik’s Freshman Survival Guide: Tips for Your First Year of College

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College can be the most exciting and terrifying experience of your life, especially your freshman year! It’s the first time in your life that you almost have complete and total freedom and your only real responsibility is to make good grades. There is no avoiding the bumps in the road that lay ahead of you in your first year of college but here are some tips for your first year of college to make the transition smoother:

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Five Tips for Surviving your Freshman Year of College:

  1. Get to Know Your Professors: It’s important to establish relationships with your professors early on so you have time to build and make those relationships throughout college. These professors can provide recommendations and advice and help you form connections around your campus and community.
  2. Don’t party too hard: It’s easy to get too crazy your first year of college. You’re independent and free from your parents. But remember why you’re paying for college. If you party on the weekends, make sure you have time for yourself, your academics, and other campus activities.
  3. Leave your dorm room: Though it is tempting to spend hours on end watching Netflix in your dorm, there comes a time when you need to leave your room. Mingle with your fellow classmates and attend campus events with people, even if it’s not up your alley. It gives you an excuse to be exposed to the campus culture and a lot more people you may not have met otherwise.
  4. Explore the Town Around You: There’s tons to do wherever your college is located and each place offers its own charms and quirks – don’t wait until your senior year to find out what your area has to offer because by that time it could be too late.
  5. Get involved: College clubs are like a buffet; you can try a bit of everything before you select the main event. This is your time to explore without judgment. Who knows? You may just fall in love with something you never dreamed of–like the rowing team.

Not only do you need to be mentally prepared for college but your closet may need some as well to keep you prepared whether it rains, snows, or shines!

Must Have Clothing for College:

A Go-To Short

Every girl needs a good pair of shorts, especially at the beginning of the school year and sometimes into the fall. You never know if the air will work in your dorm or when the weather will fluctuate at the drop of a hat.


Dress it Up

A cute white dress is crucial to your closet for casual weekend attire. And if you plan to rush for a sorority on your campus, white dresses are an initiation must have. Pick one up now because after the summer is over they are nearly impossible to find!


A Universal Jacket

How warm is your winter coat? On most college campuses you’ll need more that a jacket. Make sure you have a well-insulated jacket with a hood to stay warm on your long treks across the quad in chilly weather.


Comfortable Boots

Have you found your go-to boots? A nice pair of warm boots is a must-have for keeping warm during the long winter season. Look for a pair with good traction to keep you on your feet during icy weather.


Heels for Going Out

No matter the weather a great pair of heels is always a girl’s best friend, especially when you rush home from the library from a long study session for a night out on the town!


Oversized Tee

Finally, grab a cute and comfy shirt for those days where it is nearly impossible to drag yourself out of bed in time for class. A great relaxed t-shirt can really save your morning.



Guest Blogger: Beth Frazier


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