Glik’s Celebrates 117 years of Business

Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better.

Jeff Glik himself would agree, especially in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of fashion. After 117 years of business, Glik’s continues to grow and evolve in the hands of the 4th generation of the Glik family. President/CEO Jeff Glik and Vice President James Glik oversee over 60 stores in 9 states with new stores opening every season.

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Family owned since Joseph Glik sold merchandise from a horse drawn wagon almost 130 years ago, Glik’s Clothing Store was founded in 1897 when Joseph’s son, Morris, opened a small menswear store on North Broadway in St. Louis, MO.5GlrKaUUSHZoVPNIMLr3CUu687YYNudfxQVO8nklVYQ u9AhNWhlKUvAH0u1tHxYojhMBn32sfI9Te4N7R3gemk,a8BrhwLHpBlhVWcp0ej3lfdu04pQC4edgepFzQyTSug

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A lot has changed in 117 years, but this family business proved to be tenacious and adaptable to overcome the hardships of the Depression and the changes of the suburban lifestyle. Like a chameleon, Glik’s has adapted and changed to suit the customers’ needs over the years. Morris’s son and 3rd generation operator Joseph Glik created the foundation of how the company operates today. Bigger than a specialty store but more personal than a department store, Glik’s offers customers small town service and big city fashion.



Because of the amazing associates past and present, vendors, communities, and most of all the customers, Glik’s has become a rarity in the retail world. When awarded the Illinois Family Business of the Year Award last November, it was said that only 3% of family businesses survive to the 4th generation. Because of the loyal customers and the employees’ support and sense of pride, the Glik’s family of stores continues to grow every year.


Today the Glik’s family is a large one with over 450 employees company-wide. Celebrate 117 years with us at your local Glik’s store or online at

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Take a walk down memory lane with us!

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What was HOT: Then vs. Now

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We still Twinkie it!

gliks employees then and now

Ringing sales like a Boss!


Merchandising Then

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Merchandising Now







Employee Style Then

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Employee Style Now




And they still do!

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