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Which Men’s 1897 jean is right for you? Glik’s in-house exclusive brand 1897 Denim has a plethora of washes and styles that will fit just about any man. We’ll show you the ins and outs of our three basic 1897 denim fits for this fall.



1897 Original Straight Fit Jeans for Men

With the smallest leg opening and slimmer fit through the torso, the 1897 Men’s Original Straight Fit Jeans are perfect for the more fashion conscious male that appreciates a great fitting denim. It has a lower rise than the other two 1897 Jeans and a slimmer leg all around.


Measurement 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Leg Opening 16.25 16.5 16.75 17 17.25 17.5 18 18.5



1897 Original Bootcut Jeans for Men

With a subtly wider leg and higher front rise, these Men’s bootcut jeans are a bit more relaxed with an inch added to the leg opening and front rise. The 1897 Men’s Original Bootcut Jeans are a middle ground between the Original Straight and Loose Straight Jeans. The bootcut jean will look great whether you’re an everyday tee wearing male or button-down shirt kind of guy.


Measurement 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Leg Opening 17.25 17.5 17.75 18 18.25 18.5 19 19.5



1897 Loose Fit Straight Leg Jeans for Men

The most casual and asked about denim style we have is the 1897 Men’s Loose Fit Straight Jeans. With a fit similar to the Silver Jeans Gordie style, this 1897 jean is our most relaxed style and is very generous to movement. The front rise is longer than the Original Straight and shorter than the Original Bootcut, creating a happy medium between the two. Although this is a straight jean, the leg width of the bottom is slightly wider than the men’s bootcut jean and is roomier through the lap and rear. Perfect for the more active daily denim wearer, the 1897 Men’s Loose Fit Straight Leg Jean is our most universal style.


Measurement 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Leg Opening 18.25 18.5 18.75 19 19.25 19.5 20 20.5



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