Game Day Outfits

Game Day Outfits

It is that time of the year where it seems like all people talk about are sports. Baseball is coming to an end in the next months, college and professional football are back in full swing, and hockey season is approaching fast. There is nothing better than hanging out with friends whether it’s for college or professional, at the stadium or at a local bar, or just chilling inside the house. Sports bring people together, but sometimes finding what to wear is the most difficult part. Tired of wearing the same old sports jersey to a baseball, football, hockey game? Here are some stylish outfits to really bring your A game for a sports game.

College Sports Outfits

College are the years to make great memories and great friends. And going to a college football game, you can do both at the same time. Do a cute but comfy outfit with you best friend wearing your school colors with pride. Looking for something more preppy? Style skirts and denim with a school or solid color sweatshirt. Don’t forget about the tailgate before, where everyone will be layering flannels with anything and everything.

Football Outfits

When some people think of Fall, they think football. It is the sport of the season and America’s sport. No matter what team you are cheering for, you can bring you fall style to any game. Wear a shacket in your teams’ color with a basic brami, bottoms, and cute booties. Flannels and plaid come in all color combinations, there has to be one that has the colors of your favorite team.

Baseball Game Outfits

As baseball season comes to a close, it’s becoming cooler at the games where you used to be sweating in the sun. You can never go wrong with denim for a baseball game. Plus, denim is easy to style with a brami and sneakers for those warmer day games, and bring a shacket and booties for the cooler night games. And of course, you can’t forget a baseball hat and glove for some foul balls.

Hockey Game Outfits

It’s time to bundle up for this sport. Hockey whether, it’s inside or outside, is cold; however, it doesn’t stop us from dressing in style. Grab a sweater or sweatshirt to watch the game played on ice, you’ll definitely need it. Think you’ll need something warmer? Vests can be styled with a turtleneck and booties, so you are stylish and warm while you cheer on you team.

Sports bring people together! Total strangers can become friends because they root for the same team. Don’t miss out on your team winning this year. Wanting a t-shirt or sweatshirt with your favorite team to wear to a game? Check out your local Glik’s for town specific items. If you’re wanting something to wear to a game and other things, check out Glik’s online!

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