Fripp and Folly: Celebrating the Outdoor Lifestyle

Photos from Fripp and Folly Instagram
Photos from Fripp and Folly Instagram

Let me introduce you to Marc Tell, designer for Fripp and Folly, an outdoor lifestyle brand with southern-inspired designs. Not only are all Fripp and Folly designs hand-drawn by their own artist, but they’re also all printed on Comfort Colors shirts in the south. With a variety of designs for every guy,  Fripp and Folly truly represents life in the south.

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Fripp and Folly is new to Glik’s. Can you tell our readers a little more about the brand?

Fripp and Folly started in 2013 and has quickly grown across the South as a brand celebrating the Outdoor Lifestyle. Our unique style and design sets our shirts and brand apart from the rest.

The Fripp and Folly logo is a rooster. What does that represent for the brand?

When we were discussing the logo we wanted something that was masculine and something that would represent who we are. Not saying we are chickens but a Rooster struts around with his head high, and is always confident. That’s who we are, confident, masculine and always have our heads held high.

What sets Fripp and Folly apart from other men’s southern brands?

Fripp & Folly stands out mainly for our unique style and design. Each design has a lot of time invested in the content, art and quality of the print. Our shirts are all Comfort Colors and tag-less. Each shirt has the label printed inside to avoid dealing with the pesky tag sticking up or irritating the back of your neck.

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How do you begin the design process? Where do you find your inspiration?

Product Development, the two owners and myself meet with images, ideas and content. After the content for each shirt has been decided the art department sketches out a few concepts for each design. Again we meet and go through every design but this time to come up with the final design, pick colors and shirt color. Our inspiration comes from our life experiences. Dogs, Ducks, Trucks, Fishing and Guns are all part of the Fripp & Folly’s lifestyle.

What is the meaning behind the Fripp and Folly brand name?

Fripp & Folly name is unique and we often are asked where it came from and what does it mean. Fripp is an island off the coast of South Carolina and Folly is a beach near Charleston. Fripp is very upscale while Folly is very outdoor, fun and family oriented. This is exactly what our brand represents – Upscale, Outdoors and Family.

With the holidays coming up, what would you suggest gifting to a Fripp and Folly fan?

The best selling Fripp & Folly item is our T-Shirts followed by our Koozies. This paired with one of our Vegan Leather Koozies is a solid home run for any guy. Our Car coasters are also unique and a different type of gift (if you have never used or heard of a car coaster, they help keep your cup holders in your car clean and it’s also fun to have your favorite Fripp & Folly design in your car at all time).


What is your favorite shirt design for this season from Fripp and Folly?

My 2 personal favorite shirt is the Pointer shirt followed by the Largemouth Bass. I honestly cannot decide between the two which I like more.

What does the future for Fripp and Folly look like?

The future of Fripp & Folly has a lot of options. We are introducing SPF/Moisture wicking shirts for fishing and a wooden handled pocket knife. There are a few other items that are also on the horizon and I would suggest checking back early spring to see exactly what we have in store!

Finish this sentence: I raise my glass to Our Military, The Outdoorsman (and Women), and everyone who owns a Fripp & Folly shirt, without you all we wouldn’t be where we are at today!

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