Four Trends You’ll Want to Hop On Board for in Fall 2022

Fall Trends for 2022

Once it hits August, summer starts to feel like it’s coming to an end. We all start looking forward to fall, and some cooler weather. One thought that never fails to cross our mind is fall fashion. It’s always the same questions… “When can I start shopping for fall clothes?” And ‘What are the trends?” Here are four trends you’ll want to hop on board for in Fall 2022!

Blazers & White Tank Tops

White tank tops

You might be thinking “A white tank top is a fall trend? Seriously?” Yes it is! The best part is, is that you probably already own it! You might have even been wearing it all summer too. This staple piece goes well with tons of different bottoms. Our favorite way is to pair your tank top with a pair of denim jeans! Want to elevate your look even more? Add a blazer for a more sophisticated look, or a shacket for a more casual everyday outfit. 


Blazers are one of the easiest ways to complete an outfit, and might be one of our favorite trends for Fall 2022. If you ever feel like your outfit is missing something and doesn't quite feel like it’s complete, add a blazer! Adding a blazer over a sweater, tank top, or a dress is a great way to give a more elevated look to your outfit. This is a trend even designers such as Saint Laurent even agree with!

Little Black Dress & Clogs

Little black dress

Everyone's favorite little black dress will never go out of style, and it’s going full speed ahead for Fall 2022. This timeless item is essentially a blank canvas for you to express your style! Dress it up, and add some edge with all the accessories such as layers of necklaces, printed boots, or even a belt! 


Clogs are back, baby! You probably have already seen your favorite influencers wearing the iconic Birkenstock clog that’s making a comeback. You also might be all too familiar with the Birkenstock Boston clog that we all fell in love with in middle school too! This time though, clogs are even more out-there! Think muted patterns, platform soles, studs, and some sherpa.

Fall is right around the corner so be on the lookout for these Fall 2022 fashion trends and more at Glik’s!

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