Flower Power: The Daisy Makes a Comeback

Daisy print trend

Get ready for a blast from the past this spring as we start rolling in the trendiest fashions of the year. And what’s on the line-up? Get ready to embrace your inner flower child, because things are about to get Daisy Crazy.

Floral inspired fashions are fun and inspirational and daisies are no exception. At the height of the new boho chic movement, we couldn’t have welcomed a better fashion trend to infuse into our free and spirited looks. Last year, we witnessed fashion genius Miuccia Prada and her daisy themed fashions on the runway. It is of little surprise that daisies are going to be iconic for this spring.

daisy lace and crochet

Although you can expect to see daisy printed fabrics making their way into Glik’s stores, you can also plan to see daisies creatively infused into everything from accessories to handbags. We are already seeing daisy motif statement necklaces, lace, crochets, and embroidery. Incorporating contrast colors with the crochet and lace tops will set off your look in a great way!

pink pewter headbands

Need some added inspiration for the spring? One of our favorite ways to style out our daisy fashions is with Pink Pewter Headbands. This Deanna style headband is perfect for your hippie-inspired look this spring and we have it in multiple colors.


Keep your eye out on the Gliks.com New Arrivals page for more daisy motif fashions for this spring and summer.

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