Fashion Trends That Are Here To Stay For 2023

Fashion Statements That Are Here To Stay

With fast fashion on the rise, it seems hard to stay on top of trends and fads that are gone in a blink of an eye. The year 2022 lacked a bit of originality as this year’s fashion influence has been pulled from our past eras, decades, and pop culture moments. The past two years have not been focused on fashion. During the pandemic, people were relearning, recovering, and coping, while fashion was put on the backburner. As the world opens back up and life gets back to normal, fashion is making a comeback, reflecting modern day living and past decades. As we approach the end of 2022, here are some hot trends we want to see stay and other go bye-bye.   

 Baggy Jeans


Sorry millennials, you will have to put your skinnies back in the closet for a while. 2022 was all about baggy, not fit. This 1990 style has been on the rise all year. Baggy jeans, or famously known as dad jeans, are a loose-fitting jean with very baggy legs. Mostly paired with graphic tees, oversized sweaters, and crop tops with a boxy jacket. Here at Glik's, we love the baggy jean style and are excited to leave the skinnies in 2022.



Jackets are being worn all year around; they are the perfect addition to an everyday outfit. Adding a blazer jacket to your outfit is a great way to stand out. The blazer trend has been hot all year and is being incorporated in many ways. This statement piece is not only for business casual, but also for everyday. Throw a blazer over a simple graphic tee, paired with high rise jeans and sneakers for a causal look. Wear it for your Sunday best or happy hour with friends. You need to pick up one of these before the year is over. This trend is here to stay!  

 Platform Shoes


Wearing shoes that hurt your feet is so out dated. Hop on the new platform trend for some relief. But don’t throw out your heels just yet, because even though they aren’t trendy, doesn’t mean those stunning heels aren’t in style. 2022 lives for platform soles and crunchy soles. This trend emerged from the 2000s and is living to its high standards. At the moment, give your feet a break and shop at Glik's for platform sneakers, sandals, and boots.


There are so many other trends from 2022 that will be gone in 2023. But don't worry, Glik's will keep your wardrobe on trend and be ready for any fads that will come. You can shop our online store or visit one of our 70 stores around the Midwest. Don’t forget to tag us on social media to show us how you style the latest fashion trends!

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