Fashion Inspiration: Musical Muses

What is fashion? Fashion, used as a general term, is most commonly defined as a popular ‘style’ or practice associated with clothing, footwear, accessories, and even includes makeup, hairstyles, body piercings and furniture. It is a culture, a lifestyle in itself. Fashion signifies a unique and habitual trend in a person’s style in which they dress, going as far to include an “attitude” or behavior. Fashion is an art form. Just like music, fashion speaks to each individual in its own way.

We all dress in a style that reflects our own, unique, special self. Each of us talk, act, think, and feel differently from one another. A more technical term, costume, has become so interwoven to the term “fashion” that it no longer associated with the idea of fancy dress or masquerade attire. That’s what I personally love about fashion. It is mutable, like water; distorting and conforming to whatever situation it is in or what “attitude” you have at that time.

For me, fashion is a living thing. Does that sound weird? I dress how I feel -happy, sad, nervous, excited, and so on. Sometimes I style myself with the idea or fantasy of what/who I want to be at that particular time. It is art, like music, and music encompasses three art forms: dance, song, and (of course) fashion.  Think about it, some of the most memorable and influential musicians are the ones whose songs not only just got stuck in our heads, but the personal “story” or message they sent flowed down our spines and wound up stuck in our hearts.

Famous women in the music industry have/had passion, conviction, and undeniable style; we fantasize living the stories that their songs tell, and we desire the clothing they wear to be in our own closets. I have to admit that I live and love both fashion and music equally. I cannot have one without the existence of the other, a sort of balance or symmetry.

History is filled with tons of amazing, influential women in music, but unfortunately this blog would run into an eternity if I dared to even attempt to touch on all of them.  So, in “keeping up with the trends”, I wanted to touch on a few outrageously, awesome female musical muses that rock(ed) the current, nouveau grunge and punk rock trend.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.16.02 PM

Courtney Love is her name; she is a famous musician, singer-songwriter, actress, artist, and author. We all know her as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the alternative rock band Hole. Her in-your-face attitude and unpredictable stage presence mixed with her confrontational song lyrics have solidified her as a fixture of the 1990’s alternative music scene. Oh, and who can forget that she was married to the famous, Kurt Cobain, frontman of grunge band Nirvana. Everything about her is unique, even her unapologetic style which flowed into the wardrobes of many.  Known for her ripped stockings, torn baby doll dresses, and beat up combat boots, Courtney Love was a 90’s fashion icon.


Alison Mosshart. This unruly woman is the lead vocalist for the indie rock band The Kills and blue rock band The Dead Weather (Jack Black’s band).  When it comes to modern-day front women, Alison Mosshart takes center stage. I am consistently mesmerized by her intense delivery onstage as I am her legendary tough-girl style. This woman has attitude mixed with undeniable talent, and as far as style goes, we all know Mosshart has it. Her style revolves around several must-have basics in any wardrobe: tight skinny jeans, boots, tattered, well-worn vintage tees, a button down, and a leather jacket. Mosshart blends stripes, plaids, animal prints, the occasional chiffon with accessories like hats, ragged scarves, sunglasses, and layers of jewelry.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 10.13.14 PM

Emily Haines is the dynamic, pixie of a front woman for the band Metric, as well as a member of the band, Broken Social Scene. She has been bringing rock-glamour to the the music game for well over 10 years and this indie rock angel has enough style to match her band’s contagious synth melodies. I have personally seen her band, Metric play live like 3 times and it is an absolutely amazing performance to catch. Haines has claimed a membership to the influential women in music and fashion club with her mixture of equal parts rock n’ roll and femininity.  Never has a leather jacket and sunglasses looked so good when paired with ankle booties, statement heels, layers and layers of necklaces, vintage tees, glam dresses with short hemlines, and statement prints! Obsessed!

Here are a few outfits we styled based off of the style of these three musical muses! Enjoy!

Alison Mosshart outfit1

 Very Volatile Rido Harness Boot

Business at Hand Scarf

Jack by BB Dakota Bowen Moto Jacket

graphic and lace

Qupid Open Buckle Ankle Boot ART-03 in Black

Flying Monkey Jeans High Waist Black Skinny

plaid faux leather

Flying Monkey Jeans Rip Tear Premium Skinny

Jack by BB Dakota Estela Asymmetrical Zip Moto Jacket

Qupid Velvet Stiletto Ankle Bootie STEELY-02 in Black

You can find any of these items online at or by visiting one of our 60 store locations in the Midwest!

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