Express Yourself with Printed Leggings

“Come on girls. Do you believe in love? Express yourself!” Sound familiar? If not let me tell you, “The Queen of Pop” Madonna sang that loud and proud in 1989. Who better?  The woman is viewed as a cultural icon and has transformed herself many times over. Let me tell you that self-expression through fashion is one of the best ways to say who you are and how you’re feeling! You can express yourself through art, food, music, dance and many other platforms. In the same way, every day around this glorious globe, fashion will always be a way to “express yourself.”

Really, what better way to say who are than through fashion?  Right now there is one particular style of clothing trending on a massive scale: printed leggings. They’re all purpose and easy to transition from season to season. You can say who you are loud and clear everyday with a pair that speaks to your own personal sense of style. You can be expressive by wearing this trend with attitude and confidence and you can mix your printed leggings with eclectic tops, shoes and accessories. Plus, you’ll love the comfort factor!

Leggings can be styled in a way to be office friendly or you can dress them down in order to just be comfy and ready to relax. A pair of kitten heels with a sleek blazer can take you into the office with confidence. Lace-up boots paired with camo print leggings have that military inspired style that we all know and love. Sandals, an over-sized tote and a loose fitting tank paired with simple polka-dot leggings will have you beach ready. You might be saying, “That’s not for me. I can’t wear something that adventurous. I’m too old, too timid, too plain or just plain scared.” We encourage you to be bold! There’s a legging for every girl out there and for every sense of style!

Feeling hopeful? Slip on cloud print leggings with silver linings. A solid bat-wing top with a funky necklace pairs great with these leggings to brighten up those gloomy days.

Silver Lining Legging

Glik’s has leggings in an endless array of prints. From cosmic kitties to foodie inspired designs, you’re bound to find a pair that will get you inspired to express yourself. One of the most popular designs currently, is the Aztec print. Throw these Aztec print leggings on and show the world your earthy fashion sense.

Aztec Printed Legging with Elephant Printed Top

Or show your love for all things Egyptian! A simple, colorful top and gypsy inspired jewels accent the golden hues in these Pharaoh printed leggings. Bring out your sassy, inner Cleopatra!

Egyptian Legging

For the foodies out there who pride themselves on their love of all things edible, there’s food inspired leggings. Feast your eyes on Glik’s Burgers and Fries print leggings!

air burger

For the mornings I feel in a frenzy, I refuse to give in, and prefer wearing something that says: “Hello I’m felling mellow.” I live for the current styles and prints reminiscent of the 1960’s.  I love how the colors run into each other in these psychedelic tie-dye inspired leggings. Add a great graphic shirt and fantastic fringe bag and you are ready to descend into the reality of pure fashion inspired bliss.

pysc 4

If you’re still feeling wary of this bold style, we recommend you start conservatively. Try polka dots or stripes and then branch out. Come on girls, express yourself! We want to know how you style your leggings!


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