Needing a Last Minute Halloween Costume? Here are Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one night a year where you can dress up and NO ONE will judge you for it. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or going to a party, you have to have a costume. Deciding your Halloween costume is the most difficult part of Halloween. Some people plan ahead and shop early so they have their costume and accessories before everything sells out. Then there’s the people who wait until the last minute to shop and start to panic because everything is sold out. Looking for a last-minute costume? Your own closet might have more than you think for the day. Here are some quick and easy Halloween costumes whether you are flying solo, going out with friends, or dressing up with your significant other.

Solo Halloween Costumes

Solo Halloween costumes are probably the hardest to think of. When you are with friends or your partner, ideas naturally flow. The ideas are endless, but you don’t want to go as something that everyone will dress up as. Dressing up for Halloween can be as easy as putting some clothes together from your closet. A white top and white bottoms can easily be paired with wings and a halo for an angel costume. Anything pink and pairing with fashionable accessories could be the perfect Barbie costume. Strut your stuff as a cowgirl and add some rhinestones and sparkle to really stand out for the night. Halloween can be this easy for men as well. Boots, denim, and a flannel makes a recognizable lumberjack costume. Have some with it too and add a fake beard or and prop axe to get the full effect. You want to feel comfortable and confident in your Halloween costume, and what’s more comfortable than your own clothes.

Couple Halloween Costumes

Dressing up with your significant other for Halloween makes it special. One half of the couple may want to do it more than the other, but it makes Halloween more fun. There are so many iconic couple costumes to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to choose. For the ladies, a cropped black top, black bottoms, and red shoes. For the men, a basic black t-shirt, black bottoms, and simple shoes. And just like that, you are dressing up as Danny and Sandy from Grease. Digging through your closest and you both find something that would work great for Barbie and Ken. A pink dress and accessories for Barbie and shorts with a polo or button-down shirt for Ken. Some couples do costumes based on how the physically look. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are fun and creative costumes for couples with red and blonde hair. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities for photos throughout the night so you will never forget your costume that year.

Best Friend Halloween Costumes

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating Halloween with your closest friends. Friends make dressing up worth it because you will always have those memories. If you and only one other friend want to dress up together, there are numerous famous duos go as. Anything retro or 70s will be great for a pair of hippies. Add some round sunglasses, flower crowns, and throw up peace signs! Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairy Odd Parents can be girl/girl or guy/girl. All you need is some pink to signify Wanda and green to signify Cosmo. Add a small crown, fairy wings, and carry around to complete the look. Group costumes are a great way to bring the friend group close to make the night fun and unforgettable. Grab your Hawaiian shirts, Birkenstocks, and sunhats because your tourists! Make the look fun by adding binoculars, fanny packs, and add some makeup to look sunburned. Regardless if everyone has fun Halloween night, the group costume itself will be entertaining.

If you go around and ask people what their favorite holiday is, many people will say Christmas. But the one that do not might surprise you and say Halloween. Halloween is loved by many for different reasons. Candy, parties, dressing up, scary movies, haunted houses, the list goes on. Whether you are making your costume, buying it, or just using something from your closet, make Halloween your own so you stand out. It’s okay if you are a last-minute Halloween planner. Go to or your local Glik’s store and see we have anything you could use!

Stay Safe, Stay Spooky🎃 Happy Halloween

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