Date Night Outfits: Coordinating Looks

Date Night Outfits for You and Your Man

Hi all! Since the States are starting to open back up (with extra precautions, guide lines, and social distancing measures) we thought we would do a quick style blog featuring date night outfits for you & your man! 💖 We know you all are adjusting to the new normal, and everyone has their own comfort levels while going out in public, but the majority of people are starting to form their "social distancing groups or pods" -- which hopefully includes your significant other!

There are plenty of date ideas that involve social distancing and avoid crowded areas, which honestly sounds like a perfect time to spend quality time focused on your date. Some of our ideas for cute dates while practicing social distancing include: a) stopping by your local farmers market to pick out some fresh produce & coffee ☕ then taking a nice walk around the park & stopping for a picnic 🍅🍎🍓 b) going to see a drive-in movie 🍿 or drive-in concert c) enjoying a nice dinner date on the outdoor patio of a restaurant 🍽 you both have been wanting to try or dressing up for a date night IN & cooking your meal from scratch together. 🌟

Seriously, it's amazing how much you can do while enjoying nature and the outdoors during the summertime and we hope that you get the chance to soak up all the sun and fresh air, too! Also, since you haven't had much chance to get all cute and dress up over these last few months-- what better time than to start now?! Here are three outfit ideas for you and your man, all while subtly coordinating your looks for that extra cuteness factor 😉 Just remember to have your mask with you, too!

Outfit for Daytime Date

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Women's Look No. 1-

Men's Look No. 1-

Casual Date Night Outfit

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Women's Look No. 2-

Men's Look No. 2-

Date Night Out Look

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Women's Look No. 3-

Men's Look No. 3-

Thanks for reading! 🎊 If you made it this far, you can shop all of these looks & more online at we take new arrivals live 5x a week! Or, head into your local Glik's to see what fashion finds they have to offer (each store has their own Instagram account too!). Follow us on Instagram @gliksofficial to keep up with our newest arrivals, the latest trends, fun discounts & giveaways! ✨

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