Date Night for Him and Her

We all have our own unique style ­– signature looks that we love to wear, and clothing that defines exactly who we are. However, when it comes to dating, making that first impression is always key.  Who knows, you could have just landed the blind date of a lifetime and that special guy or gal has everything you want all wrapped up in a nice package and tied with a pretty bow. Exciting right?

It’s okay to be a bit nervous, but don’t let that affect how you decide to dress. The main thing to remember when dating is to always be your ‘true’ self.  Promise, I’m in no way an expert when it comes to the dating game, but I always try to wear at least one favorite piece of clothing from my wardrobe whenever I first initially meet someone. Think of it as, I already feel great when I wear my (fill in the blank), so let’s make an outfit that centers around that item!

Situation 1: You’ve been set up on a blind date by your best friend, she know your style (good) so you know she would hook you up with a guy that has similar tastes in you 3 favorite things: food, music, and local nightlife.

Where are you going?

dinner concert

Your key item: an awesome women’s black vegan leather jacket that you can easily pair with a fun geometric print dress and color pop sandals!

His outfit: A men’s button down woven, a dark wash pair of Silver Jeans Co. Men’s Nash Heritage Straight Leg Denim, and the Core Lace Up Navy Sneakers from Crevo.


Situation 2: You had noticed him in a few of your classes, but have not worked up the nerve to actually ask him out. This wasn’t until the teacher had paired you two as partners on your latest project in your business class.

So, where are you meeting?


Your key item: the awesome new pair of Women’s Flying Monkey colored denim skinny jeans you just can’t live without! They fit like a glove and pair perfectly with your Naked Zebra chiffon blouses and vintage ankle boots.

His outfit: Glik’s Exclusive 1897 Dark Denim Jeans, Patagonia Men’s Go-To Woven Shirt, and the super comfortable Men’s Marley Slip-on from Crevo.


Situation 3: You both were friends back in college, but since then have transferred to different schools for your graduate degrees. The wonders of Social Media and a bit of mutual Facebook ‘creepin’ has re-connected you both and it is time to see if that old flame still exists!

So, what do you do?

keep it casual

Just a side note: I think it is perfectly okay to consider this a “group” date situation. You both already know each other and your friends are friends. Once you leave college, you don’t always get to see them. I say take advantage of the night by showing him that 25+ isn’t something to be afraid of!

Your key item: the bold colored Women’s Cut Sleeve Woven top from Lost April by Naked Zebra partnered with the cutest lace shorts, and topped off by a summer essential pair of cork wedges.

His outfit: a casual pair of Glik’s Exclusive 1897 Flat Front Twill Shorts paired with a basic 1897 tee and worn with a comfortable pair of Men’s Bahama Boat Shoes from Sperry Top-Siders.


No matter who he is or what your night might hold, always remember to wear something that represents you! You’re beautiful, and any guy in his right mind would be blind not to see that!

Be sure to stop into your local Glik’s store location and check out all of the great date night fashions that we have available for you to choose from, or visit us online at for a chance to grab your go-to piece of apparel!

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