Creating the Perfect Instagram Post

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post

Calling all influencers, photographers, and all social-media enthusiasts! We're sharing the best tips to get that stellar Instagram post! Today we'll cover some tricks that you can try TODAY- no money or fancy equipment needed.

Set the Scene

Start with your whys and whats! Why do your followers come to your account? This sounds very simple, but is a huge factor in the success of your post. Focus more on posting quality over quantity. Meaning, you don't have to post every day to gain likes and followers. Instead focus on posts that your followers are attracted to. If they come to you for recipes,  invest time in posting a carefully curated and organized recipe for the week instead of a new one every day. Maybe your account is more about fashion, therefore put time into posting eye-catching imagery of your latest outfit. It's all about the quality of the image over how much you post!

how to take a picture of food for an instagram post

Capture the Perfect Pic

  1. If you're not a photo expert, turn HDR off! While this is a great feature for more experienced photographers, if used incorrectly the picture can come out looking unnatural. 
    how to turn off HDR on your iphone
  2. Find your light! Photos will have the best results in the morning or early evening. During these times the light is softer, so you don't have to worry as much about harsh shadows. 
  3. Utilize the Rule of Thirds- By going to your iPhone's Settings>Camera>Composition, here you can turn on the grid feature on your camera. This will split your screen into 9 blocks. The rule of thirds advises to have your subject in the center three blocks.  This is a super easy way to achieve a compelling photo. (See Above)
  4. Add a prop- flowers, a coffee cup, or even your favorite sunnies can add a little depth into your photo. 
  5. Auto-Correct is your friend- One of my photography must dos is utilizing the Auto button on my iPhone Editing feature or Lightroom Editing app! This feature analyzes your photo FOR YOU, and makes edits due to what it sees in the histogram- this can sometimes be my only stop in editing. 
    how to use autocorrect on your iphone

When to Post

If you're looking for maximum likage- turn on your Instagram insights (this can be achieved by switching to a creator or business account)! Making this switch will not change your account, but will give you access to lots of great information. Insights show when your followers are most active and can show you how they interact with your post. For example, if your post gets more saves or shares than usual, you know your followers are active and like that content!

how to pick the best time to post on instagram

If you're posting lots of consistent content consider using an app for auto-posting like Later or Preview. This type of software can help you plan your posts and schedule them at optimal times.

After the Post

  1. Don't post and peace out! The first 10 minutes after posting are the most important for how your post performs. Interact with your followers by responding to comments!
  2. Add relevant hashtags as a comment under your post. Check out relevant hashtags from creators similar to you and conduct hashtag research. Best practice is to use a mix of large-audience hashtags (#blogger, #foodie) and small audience hashtags (#chicagoinfluencer, #STLchef). Make sure to change up your hashtags a bit each post, so you're reaching new audiences.

All of these practices may seem like a lot, but if you develop routines each time you post, your account can and will grow! Glik's would love to help you in growing your account as well. We recently launched our influencer program so you can show off your #GliksStyle and share your favorite finds with followers. Happy Posting!

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