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Do you enjoy sharing photos of your cute outfits online? Do you love shopping at Glik's for the latest in fast fashion or to find new pieces from your favorite brands? Do you often get complimented on your fashion sense & enjoy giving style advice to others through your social posts? If so, we want you to apply to be a part of our brand new influencer program!!

This is a completely new experience for us and we are so excited to get started! With this new program, we will be able to more easily track our success rate with campaigns so that we can work with more influencers than we have ever collaborated with in the past. It also helps us to manage giving out exclusive perks to our GlikFluencers in exchange for social content! Our hope is to work with awesome Glik's customers (like you!) that can offer authentic and aesthetic content on their favorite social platforms that will help us promote various campaigns throughout the year. With every collaboration, we will credit the original creator wherever their content is used. We will also always find mutually-beneficial ways to reward each GlikFluencer for their work. 


- Exclusive Discounts!

- Early Access to New Arrivals!

- Free Products!

- Paid Promotions!

- Shareable Discount Codes!

- Exclusive In-Store Shopping Perks!

and many more ideas to come! 


We would also love to discuss any collaboration ideas with you in order to create a campaign that flows well with your feed and our current line of products. If you're interested in the sound of this program and are wanting to apply, click here and fill out our application form. Thank you for loving Glik's; we can't wait to work with you!! 

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