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There truly is nothing better than being you. You are a smart, funny, and beautiful individual with a style that is uniquely your own. And when you spend hours picking out an outfit that makes you look your best, there is sometimes nothing worse than walking into a room only to experience a “She Stole My Look” moment. Instead of dashing away for a wardrobe change (as we all sometimes wish we could do) you could instead add some distinctive touches to make the outfit your own.

Be Yourself with Our BB Dakota Coat

BB Dakota Coat

To demonstrate how to do this, I challenged two ladies who I work with at to wear the same outfit as me. I chose an item that everyone needs, loves, and is a season perennial: the undisputed jacket! It is the best outerwear to throw on in any season or for any event, not just for fashion but to wear if you’re heading to the movies or out in the rain. The Caitlin Jacket by BB Dakota is my new favorite jacket because of its military detailing and because it can be paired with several different looks.

Let’s check out how Kim, Jenna & I styled the BB Dakota Caitlin Jacket 3 different ways:

  • The Classy Classic:

kim 1

Kim’s classic look is simple and appealing. She wore this military jacket with the sleeves of her shirt rolled up over the jacket sleeves. Her jeggings are tucked into her fashion riding boots and she accessorized with a long necklace and some cute bangles.

  •  Livin’ on the Edge: 


Jenna’s look is chic rocker girl. If you’re heading to a concert and want to make heads turn, pair your BB Dakota Caitlin coat, with liquid leggings, a crop top, and fashion combat boots like Jenna wore. You’ll be signing autographs like a rock star in this trendy motif.

  • Prim & Polished

veronica mirror

I (Veronica) went for the prim & polished look which is great for ladies who love accessories. While I wore the same jacket as Kim and Jenna, I accessorized it with a scarf and scrunched up the sleeves. Just by throwing on a handful of bangles and a pair of preppy oxford shoes, I was able to achieve a look that was my personality, yet looked completely different from what Kim and Jenna wore.

So the next time we all show up in the same outfit, which happens more than you’d think in our office, we can be confident that each of our looks is unique enough to stand on its own. No more “Oh, look We’re Twinkies today!” around here.


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