Be Mine, Valentine.

Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Do you have your dinner plans set?  Have you sealed your secret Valentines cards with a kiss and sent them? What about wrapping the gift(s) in pretty paper and adding dainty bows, is that done too?

Despite what can commonly be assumed, Valentine’s Day doesn’t discriminate against those who do or don’t have a special someone. Although it can be agreed that this love-centered holiday does seem to shine brighter on those who are in a relationship, it shouldn’t cause us to forget the other special relationships in our lives that exist within our families and friendships.

So, I believe that February 14th is a day reserved for loving thoughts, warm feelings, and the excuse to go shopping. That’s right, I said shopping, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Valentine’s Day is certainly a bittersweet day, but I would much rather focus on the sweet part, and here’s hoping that you would, too. So let’s talk dresses.


So maybe your big Valentine’s Day date is with a group of your closest friends

Pretty in Print

Keep your dress sweet by choosing chiffon layers and a fun print. It’s okay to spend Valentine’s Day around those you care for, even though they only hold the title of friend. I love the warm feelings that can be felt throughout the day­– so go with yours. Give yourself (and your style) the mission to make people happy tomorrow.



Okay, your special someone has dinner planned…


Go on the hunt for the prettiest, most flirty, yet sultry dress you can find! Be sure to have fun with prints, silhouettes, fabrics, and unique designs. I’ve been a fan of the new spring 2013 BB Dakota and Jack dresses.


Who knows what your Valentine’s Day date will consist of, at least you’ll have a dress that has you prepared for it.


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