Backpack Styles to Fit Your Personality

It’s that time of year again: Back to School! It’s time to go shopping for all of your school supplies. Is a new backpack on your list? Be sure to pick up the backpack style to fit your personality!

The Athlete

If you are athletic, you are probably always on the go. That means you pretty much have to plan out your whole day and pack accordingly. The North Face Backpacks were designed with the athlete and active lifestyle in mind. The durability and organizational structure of North Face backpacks make them perfect to take with you to school, to practice, and to your games.

North Face Haystack Backpack

The Artsy One

Those of you who find yourselves seeing, or being inspired by, the beauty of the world around you are probably also artistic. So why not have an inspiring backpack? There are several Dakine Backpacks with very unique designs and great storage capacity for your art supplies.  Other book bags that are creatively designed include this Roxy Backpack and the patterned Burton Taylor Backpack.

Burton Taylor Backpack

Roxy Backpack

Dakine Backpacks

Dakine Backpacks

The Prep

Feeling preppy? If you have a timeless and classic style, you’ll love these Herschel Supply Co. backpacks and tote bags. A Herschel Supply Co. bag will compliment your sophisticated style.

Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co.

The Bookworm

If you find that studying is your path to success, you’ll love the no-nonsense style of these backpacks. This Dakine Garden Backpack in Mineral Blue is perfect for the female bookworm. It has a 20 liter storage capacity for books and an organizer pocket to store a calculator and extra pens and pencils. For the male bookworm, Glik’s offers a selection of Hurley Backpacks large enough to carry the books and supplies that the most studious of students need.

Dakine Backpacks

Hurley Backpacks

The Girly Girl

If you are always up-to-date on the latest fashion and love spending time shopping, hanging with your best friends, and flipping through the newest issue of Vogue, you’ll definitely want a book bag to compliment your fashionable style. These backpacks have fun prints with the hottest colors of the season. For example, this Burton Kettle Backpack‘s bright floral pattern will definitely stand out and create a buzz. The Dakine Prom Backpack with Stripes features a lot of trendy colors that definitely put off a girly vibe. The pink striped Volcom Backpack is a sweet and sassy choice for your back to school needs.

Burton Backpacks

Dakine Striped Backpack

Volcom Backpack

The Outdoorsy One

Finally, if you love the outdoors and want a multi-functional backpack, then you will get great use out of The North Face Backpacks and Fox Racing Backpacks. These bags can be used both for school and on the weekends for your hiking excursions and camping trips.


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