5 Gift Ideas for Men Under $50

Gift Ideas for MenChristmas is fast approaching. With less than three weeks before the big day, it’s time to get those last minute fill-ins for you giftee. Here at Glik’s, we’ve prepped for this moment, so let us help you out a bit. In order to squeeze that last little gift under the tree, what’s the main criteria? Something that won’t break the bank.

Here’s a list of all the gift ideas for Men that me, a guy, would be happy to see under the tree.

Gift Ideas for MenFirst things first; socks are sweet. To be more specific; Stance socks are sweet. For the past four years, I’ve slowly started a collection of these incredible socks. And this year, Gliks.com has more incredible socks than ever before. These insane styles are sure to make any guy jump up, and into his Stance. And a price point of just $10-$15, what’s stopping you? You can find all of our Stance Socks here.

Now, lets move up in the human anatomy from toes to fingers. Gift Ideas for MenHere, we have plenty of options to keep the fingers warm, stylish, and functional. There are a variety of affordable Under Armour, North Face, and Spider gloves on are site that are sure to make any guy clap his hands for you in thanks. Click on the brand links for my personal favorites, or click here to see all gloves.

Gift Ideas for MenNext up, let’s talk about shirts. In today’s time, it’s all too hard to find quality shirts for less than $50. However, here we have plenty of options. First off, there is one shirt that is easily my favorite on the site. It’s this Charles & Half button down pictured to the left. This color block style is hot right now, and the navy with the whiteish gray is on point. So, if you have a stylish guy who needs that little something extra, definitely cop this shirt before I do.

Now, I get that not everyone is as trendy as I am, so I’ll offer you another shirt that’s sure to make a more conservative guy smile. Gift Ideas for MenHere at Glik’s, we have our own brand by the name of 1897. And this year, we’ve introduced our own line of simple and perfect flannels. The best part? They easily pass that under $50 mark. Here, and in the top picture, you can see my personal pick of them. However just click this to see the other four styles we have in stock.

Finally, lets talk about something to help keep those ears warm this season. And I’m not talking about ear muffs… A couple years ago, we introduced a new brand of beanie to our stores. Yea. Nice is a phenomenal company in every which way. Superficially, their beanies are warm, stylish, and of the highest quality. Sensibly, they give back to the community by donating a beanie to the homeless for every beanie sold. To top that all off, their beanies are plentiful on our site and in stores at a reasonable price. Here is my personal favorite; however, here is all of their product we carry. And if my two cents doesn’t sway you to this brand, check out our interview with the CEO himself here.

Well, that concludes my guide to you; however, here’s one last item to put a smile on everyone’s face this season. For just $30, go snag yourself or anyone this comedic and cozy onesie.

Gift Ideas for Men

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