3 Reasons to Love Cold Shoulder Tops

Get your finger on the pulse of one of spring’s hottest fashions: cold shoulder tops.

You’ve probably been noticing exposed shoulders popping up in all of your favorite stores and while you may still be on the fence about why you should dare to bare, here are three reasons why you should take the risk.

cold shoulder tops

3 Reasons to Love Cold Shoulder Tops

  1. You don’t have to bare it all.

Open shoulder tops are a happy medium between completely baring your shoulders and keeping covered up all spring. Plus, this style of top doesn’t require fussing with a strapless bra and you can still comfortably wear a cami underneath.

  1. It’s a high fashion trend that translates into real life.

There are times when Fashion Week hits, insanely hot styles are shown on the runway, and then we all think to ourselves, “How the heck (or where on earth) would I wear that?” Cold shoulders are a welcomed exception to this fashion conundrum.

  1. This silhouette has staying power.

Trends come and go but that is no reason to shy away from buying a cold shoulder shirt. If you’re focused on building a better wardrobe and shying away from fast fashion pieces, a cold shoulder top is still a piece to consider investing in because they have been (and will continue) to show up season after season.

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