1 Cardigan – 3 Ways to Wear It

Sweater weather is definitely here! If you are anything like me, you have a couple of sweaters that you absolutely love and tend to wear repeatedly throughout the season. Instead of wearing the same outfit all season long, why not find different ways to style that favorite cardigan of yours?

We rose to the challenge of finding three ways to wear a cheetah print cardigan. Animal print is one of the season’s hottest prints, plus this cheetah print is completely neutral. With this neutral color palette you have the freedom to mix and match literally any color(s) you want, making endless outfit possibilities.

Cardigan Over a Dress

Leopard Print Cardigan Belted Over Dress

Cardigan belted over dress

Layering with a cardigan allows you to wear your spring and summer dresses all year around. You can choose to belt the cardigan over the dress to emphasize your waist, or go for a more slouchy look by simply wearing the cardigan loosely over the dress. Every dress and cardigan combination will be different!

Cardigan with Leggings

Cheetah Print Cardigan Layered Over Long Collared Blouse with Pleather Leggings

Cheetah Print Cardigan Layered Over Long Collared Blouse with Pleather Leggings

We loved styling this cheetah print cardigan with pleather leggings! Pleather is the new denim in our opinion, and animal print is the perfect match for such a material. We layered the cheetah print cardigan over this long chiffon blouse for a pop of color and to give a more dressy vibe with the leggings.

Cardigan with Jeans and T-Shirt

Cheetah Print Cardigan with Simple Tee Shirt, Scarf, and Jeans

When you have a cute printed cardigan, tossing it on over a simple t-shirt will completely transform your outfit. We chose to style this cheetah print cardigan with long sleeve shirt, an infinity scarf, and some cuffed jeans. Casual, comfy, and simple, but super cute for any fall day.



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