stocking stuffers for her

Glik’s Stocking Stuffers

Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving week and only 30 days until Christmas?!? It’s time to start thinking about what you are going to give everyone on your gift giving list.  As much as I love shopping for other people, finding the perfect stocking stuffers is the hardest. We have put together a list of out […]

fripp & folly

Fripp and Folly: Celebrating the Outdoor Lifestyle

Let me introduce you to Marc Tell, designer for Fripp and Folly, an outdoor lifestyle brand with southern-inspired designs. Not only are all Fripp and Folly designs hand-drawn by their own artist, but they’re also all printed on Comfort Colors shirts in the south. With a variety of designs for every guy,  Fripp and Folly truly represents life […]


Glik’s Obsession: Plaid Shirts

Polly & Esther are our favorite plaid shirts here at Glik’s! We took this red and black buffalo plaid shirt and wore it three different ways. What is your favorite way to wear your plaid shirts? Plaid Shirts With A Graphic Tee Simply throw your plaid shirt over your favorite graphic tee for a casual […]


Glik’s Style: Sweaters for Men

Men’s Sweaters 101 Sweaters have stepped their game up and I think it’s time men gave them a second chance. Men, we no longer have to put up with wearing a sweater just because your significant other would like to see you in one. Who knows, before long you might find yourself wearing a sweater because you want to… And […]

boot socks and ankle boots

How to Style Boot Socks Two Ways

Boot Socks + Ankle Boots Typically, when I think of boot socks, I imagine pairing them with classic riding boots. However, I’ve seen a ton of fashion bloggers and Instagram stars pairing their boot socks scrunched down with ankle boots. So unexpected and so cute! The key to achieving this look is to find boot […]

men's vest

Glik’s Style: Vests for Men

Guys, being fashionable doesn’t just apply to women.  Men like to be just as fashionable and want their look to be on point.  One of the biggest trends right now for both men and women is vests. Vests for men are a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn several different ways, depending […]

lily grace

Lily Grace: Compassionate, Stylish, and Witty

Meet Jess Cruser, Lead Designer and Art Director for the up and coming Southern Prep clothing brand Lily Grace. With designs that ring true to the southern lifestyle of staying classy, charming, and modern, Lily Grace embodies what every southern girl aspires to be. When I learned that the brand was coming to Glik’s, I […]

rosie the riveter

Last Minute Halloween Costumes from Glik’s!

Halloween is October 31, 2015 and I am sure we are all in need of the perfect costume. Here are a few “do it yourself” costumes and we even have one for our men! Women Scarecrow You can easily create a scarecrow costume out of a few of your favorite items you wear on a […]

sorel boots

Sorel Boots: Fashion Meets Function

With the true beginning of boot season upon us, I couldn’t contain my personal excitement when Sorel Boots came back again to Glik’s. Not only do all of these women’s boots have durable and waterproof exteriors, they’re also extremely fashionable. It feels like a struggle every year to find boots that can stand the harsh winter […]

anniversary cake

Glik’s 118th Anniversary | Did You Know?

About Glik’s   Our family grew up talking about retail around the dinner table. After college, we worked for major retailers around the country. Then, with that experience under our belts, we came back home to Glik’s. Along with our buying team, we constantly scout the best vendors from New York to Los Angeles. Whether it is Silver Jeans, […]