Kancan Jeans: Comfort, Aesthetic, Quality


Kancan Jeans: Comfort, Aesthetic, Quality

With a new season comes new clothing.  However, when it comes to Kancan Jeans, we are a firm believer that their denim jeans are a MUST HAVE staple for your year round wardrobe. While some jean companies may claim they focus on comfort, KanCan has built their brand around the comfort, aesthetics and quality of their denim jeans. Since they are super stretchy, soft and comfortable, KanCan Jeans form to your body. They are flattering from both the front and the back because they are designed with a higher rise than most junior’s denim brands, keeping everything covered no matter how you bend or stretch. Because they are so stretchy and comfortable, KanCan Jeans may fit a bit bigger than other jeans in your closet. Don’t be afraid to try a size down!

Here is their size chart for reference:

size chart

Kancan Jeans offer so many styles and washes, that you will always need to add to your denim collection! Not only does Kancan offer their staple skinny jeans, but they also offer overalls, skirts, shorts, and other cuts to suit your needs when you want to switch your look up a bit! As we mentioned before, one of our favorite things about Kancan denim is their comfort and high waist fit.  The high rise jeans sit right above your hips, so they are very flattering on all body types.  This junior’s denim brand prides themselves on “providing versatile denim that is figure flattering to all shapes and being the classic wardrobe staple.”


I mean seriously, how can you pass these jeans up?!  They will definitely be the most comfortable denim jeans you will ever own. Shop Kancan Jeans now at www.gliks.com! And don’t forget to keep up with Glik’s Official’s Instagram to see how we love to style these denim jeans.

Kancan Jeans: Comfort, Aesthetic, Quality

Style Inspiation: Our Moms

One of the most important people in my life is… my mother, I can only imagine that I’m not alone in saying this. She was my childhood best friend (even if I didn’t recognize it at the time), provider of the warmest hugs, destroyer of evil closet monsters, encourager of dare-devilish feats, and (most-importantly) comfiest shoulder to cry on.

mom and me copy(My mother taught me to ride a horse before a bike.)

Mothers must be presents sent from the heavens, and it is only logical to have a day dedicated solely to just her. I only came to this “epiphany” as I got older, after I had bestowed upon her –just a few–precarious teenage years filled with angst and an endless amount of sleepless college nights where my unrestricted freedom was fully taken advantage of.

It was during my years of “freedom” that we became the closest. It was a level of equality that we had finally achieved, an understanding you could say. I was an “almost adult” but this girl still needed money so Mom still had the power.  We shared stories and connected; she learned of my loves, losses and wild nights, and I learned of her youth, finally gaining an understanding of why that woman was “always right” about certain things. Go figure, eh?

Lynette(My “younger” mom, Lynette. Check out that vintage 70’s, chiffon, shift dress!)

Most importantly, we shared style. I FINALLY got to raid her closet and go crazy over all of the amazing vintage finds that she had! Lucky me, she just so happened to be my mother, and we had similar body types. I fit into her vintage finds and in exchange– since I worked in retail– filled her closet with up-to-date (age appropriate) apparel!

lyn now(My “modern” mother rocking a denim jacket.)

I adore looking back at my mom’s style and being able to translate her vintage pieces into new outfits for myself. I don’t think she minds all of the new editions that I bring home to her either.  That being said…

Be sure to show that AMAZING lady in your life how MUCH you ABSOLUTELY LOVE & ADORE her! Make special plans, share thoughtful gifts and shower her with unlimited amounts of love, respect and affection!

momme2(My mother and me. I’m Kait, Glik’s Social Media & Web Copywriter.)

photo(Our Assistant Women’s Juniors Buyer, Shannon and her mom.)

Kindra and mom(Kindra, our Accessories & Shoes Assistant Buyer, and her mom.)

lola(Glik’s Warehouse Manager, Lola and her mother.)

2828_571402537948_8330389_n(Glik’s Graphic Designer, Tyler and her mom.)

photo[1](Our Assistant Women’s Bottoms & Surf Buyer, Laurel and her mom, Jan.)

summer 2010 060(Jama, our Head of Loss Prevention, shared a photo of her two daughters, Kelsey and Kari with her mother Gloria.)

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Do you still need a gift? Visit us at gliks.com or stop by any one of our 60 Glik’s store locations.


Style Inspiation: Our Moms

Hoodies are HERE!

Fall. Yep, it’s almost here and our selection of cold weather gear online is growing. With fall, a warm, cozy hoodie is essential. It’s just an easy layer that you can throw on over your tee or long sleeve thermal to keep the chill at bay.

The North Face always seems to deliver when it comes to hoodie season. Their Half Dome Hoodie ranges from bright, bold color combos to your everyday basic black and heather greys.

For girls- we love pairing the Half Dome hoodie with a pair of skinny jeggings and comfy boots. It’s cozy and warm, PLUS a super simple outfit to wear out to class, running errands, or even on an afternoon full of outside activities with your friends and/or family.

For guys- it’s rather the same idea. What could be any more simple than throwing on a men’s Half Dome over top of a t-shirt and jeans combo? Nothing. It’s such a casual outfit, like most (not all) men like when it comes to fashion.

Be ready for fall with a closet full of The North Face and Glik’s!

Hoodies are HERE!